Took the “What does your birthday say about you?” quiz in facebook. And here’s what I got. Adding in my own thoughts and explanation…

  1. Fun to be with. – Oh yes! Once you know me, I can be fun as hell! Don’t believe? Ask my friends for more than a decade.
  2. Secretive. – Ermm… ya, I’m kinda secretive when comes to more personal stuff and things that’s not to be said.
  3. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. – Fwah! Why must use should chim word “fathom”? Am I really that hard to understand? Perhaps because I’m a woman!
  4. Quiet unless excited or tensed. – Oh yes! This is pretty true. I’m mostly quiet unless I’ve a point to make or I’m really excited! When I’m tensed, well… err… ah…. ya… I stumble too much.
  5. Takes pride in oneself. – Who doesn’t?
  6. Has reputation. – Reputation is what people around me acknowledges. Not something that I can give to myself.
  7. Easily consoled. – Just buy me chocolate and I’ll be fine.
  8. Honest. – Of course I am!
  9. Concerned about people’s feelings. – Sometimes I think I’m over concerned about friends’ feelings. I’ll end up suffering their feelings more than they do.
  10. Tactful. – I try to.
  11. Friendly. – *big smile*
  12. Approachable. – This is something that those whom don’t know me or never attempt to get to know me or just siam far far away from me will never get to see. In fact, I am OVER approachable. I think I should really learn to say “Sorry, I can’t help you.”
  13. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. – I’m a cancerian mah! I cry even after watching the same show over and over again. Isn’t all women (and even men) unpredictable?
  14. Moody and easily hurt. – It’s almost like having extended PMS. Anyone has a cure?
  15. Witty and sparkly. – Ermm… not quite sure if I fit into these two.
  16. Not revengeful. – Revenge is tiring.
  17. Forgiving but never forgets. – Yap, I NEVER forget what you evil doers has done or said to me. But I FORGIVE you.
  18. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. – not just things. These apply to humans too.
  19. Guides others physically and mentally. – Sometimes I think I am fit to become a life coach!
  20. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. – Oh yes!! I’m very sensitive one! I know who hates me and who’s secret liking me! hur-hur!
  21. Caring and loving. – I shower my dear friends with TLC.
  22. Treats others equally. – I try to. And I will always do. This apply to the evil doers too! I’m an angel. *coughs*
  23. Strong sense of sympathy. – *nods*
  24. Wary and sharp. – I sharpen my blades regularly.
  25. Judges people through observations. – Sometimes through first impression I already see 85% through that person’s heart and mind.
  26. Hardworking. – I’m a workaholic!
  27. No difficulties in studying. – Ermm… not quite true. I hate exams. But I love to study.

What do you think? Are the above true about me?

If you’re on facebook, perhaps you might be keen to take the quiz too.

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