If you’re a frequent traveler that’s holding two mobile phones and have not been told about phones with dual sim card feature, than this is for you.

As a Samsung customer, I’m eligible to be part of Samsung Touch program. And through this program, Samsung customers get to be selected for various of their initiatives. One of which is to try out some of their products. And this round, I got to play with the Samsung D980 for two weeks.

To be honest, I only uses one sim card. But having tried it for awhile using two local sim cards (with different numbers), I kinda understand why there’s a need for such a phone.

With the D980, you don’t need to bring out two mobile phones, and yet still be able to receive and call out using either of the numbers/ sim card. Great for those who want to separate their personal line with their business contact. And also ideal for those who travel between two countries often.

Besides the dual sim card feature, the interface of the phone and its feature is similar to that of the F480, which I’d previously reviewed. The screen is slightly smaller by 0.2″ as compared to the F480.

But the form and thickness of the D980 can be quite a pain for pocket-bility. If you don’t need dual sim card, this is not the phone for you. (There’s niche blogs and magazines, I see this phone as a niche phone… well almost.)

For specifications of the Samsung D980 Dual Sim Card mobile phone, please refer to Samsung Website.