Here are the updated slides which I shared during Blogout! 2009 last Saturday at 8Q SAM.

The problem with such kind of slides is that if I upload the exact deck used during the session, 90% of viewers will probably not understand what I am trying to convey. That’s why, I’ll try to edit it and make it sensible for those who wasn’t there in person to hear my sharing.

After doing two sessions of sharing about my discoveries and experience in blogging and social media, I’m kinda missing those days where I teach my kids in school. Guess somewhere deep down in me, I’m still having the mind of a teacher.

Perhaps one day, after god-knows-how-many-more-sharing like these, I might be able to get invitation to share in schools. Even if its not locally, just pay for my flight and accommodation and I’ll be there! This I got to learn more from Preetam.

Hope these slides will come in useful. Especially if you’ve just started blogging or are planning to. I created this with my personal experience and knowledge, so treat it like a story while you scan through these slides. It should tell you my story.