Responding to the tag by Yinqi, here’s my answers…

Assuming that vampires did exist would I date a vampire?

Why not? As long as he keeps his fangs off my body, keeps his tools clean, let me suck his blood and is as charming and sexy as Bill Compton (his pic on right. he looks much better in the show! he’s just not as photogenic!), who wouldn’t? And there’s always the saying that if man aren’t bad, woman wouldn’t like! I love excitement, thrill and some darkness in life. Dating a vampire will surely add those and more in my life!

If you were a vampire (in True Blood times), would you choose real or fake blood?

Give me True Blood! You know, the one with 30ml bacardi, 10ml the-red-liquid-that-i-cant-remember-what, 15ml cranberry juice and 15ml sprite, with glass full of ice and squeeze of lemon with it on the side? Ya! I want that True Blood! (You can try this yourself too only at Balaclava on April 3 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm for free! Details under Promotions at True Blood website.)

Which of these 3 abilities would you choose? Super speed, telepathy and shape-shifting.

I’ll take the shape-shifting! Firstly because I don’t want to be bothered by so many noises around me with telepathy power and secondly, if I can shape myself into anything I want (not just into dog!) I am sure I can go at super speed too! Perhaps even telepathy power wor!

And now that I’m done with this, I shall pass on the biting to others too! Claudia the vampire shall leave a fang mark on Mole Mole, Audrey, Nadnut and Jasmine!!! Bite away!!

Will share more about True Blood next week! Can’t wait for the weekend!! While I enjoy the 10 hours marathon on Sat-Sun, you can listen to this song…