4:00:07 PM: still waiting for people to come. was told there’ll be a facebook amazing race later. hmmm…

4:02:33 PM: blogging: At launch of SE C510 http://tinyurl.com/cvaj2v

4:10:59 PM: starting with Jack Tan from SE. sharing abt the facebook application on the phone.

4:13:33 PM: each group to complete 5 tasks during the amazing race. cheryl from h&k will be leading our team.

5:10:20 PM: what a race! people around vivo must think we’re crazy!

5:12:04 PM: back at bakerin. eating, resting and waiting for results. who’s bringing hm the c510?

5:22:06 PM: the thing about mobile uploads to facbook is tne decrease in img quality. fb compresses the img too much.

5:28:15 PM: yeah! we won! so we each have a new c510 phone!

5:35:38 PM: blog The real thing http://tinyurl.com/d96ttj