Having attended and got first hand try on so many mobile phones, I’m soooo stuck! Its NEVER going to be easy for me to get a new phone ever! So I’ve decided to create my own mobile phone!

This is what my phone will look like…

Can you recognised which parts come from which model? Yes, its a mashed up! Let me explain more about my ideal mobile phone…

Currently I’m owning the Samsung Innov8, which I’m loving for its camera and audio experience. But the flash on the Innov8 would have been better if it was Xeon flash. So I’d edited it with the Sony Ericsson C905 flash. However, its not optimised enough for content consumption. Having tried the HTC Touch HD for a month now, I’m really loving how big the screen is and the clarity of it. Than there’s the Nokia E63 which I just tried, the QWERTY keyboard is one that I love. And the email features too. But the screen is just not optimised for web browsing. Than!! The iphone interface! This I don’t need to elaborate I guess.

So in short, my ideal phone will look something like the above. I wonder if anyone would really have something like that soon? I think not.

So what’s YOUR ideal phone? Do a mashup and share it! Leave a link so I can go check it out!

P/s: Why am I calling it my ideal phone for April 09? Cos there’s always better features and better phones coming out! Since its my ideal phone, I get to decide how it looks or works anytime I like right? =P

Right… alighting from the train now.