One year plus after using my macbook, I started to feel the heat coming out from below. When it gets too hot, the hard disk will start complaining by a loud spinning and heating sound. Than my left hand will start heating up too. I tried lifting up with the ball thinggy I got from Challenger to let the heat escape, but it didn’t help much. When I was asked to try a new product from Targus, I was skeptical. Will it really work? I’ve seen many similar products in stores before, but many of them looks like some China made product that I was afraid of trying.

When I received the brown box from Targus, my first impression was “WoW!” And than, “Will this really work?”

The Targus Chill Mat is created specially for mac. The sleek and simple design fits nicely with my macbook. And it was love at first touched – between the Chill Mat and my Macbook. See how loving they look together! (Pardon the dirty looking macbook! Its sign that I should get a new one soon!)

The Targus Chill Mat has dual USB powered fans that are strategically placed for optimal cooling. And you can use the Chill Mat on your lap too! The soft mesh bottom is breathable and facilitates air flow and keeps your lap cool. With the tilted angle design, it is ergonomically positioned for comfortable use on both on the lap and desktop.

Since its USB powered, you just need to connect the Chill Mat to your macbook and switched it on!

My verdict after using the Targus Chill Mat for Mac? I’m loving it! I’m using it everyday in my office. Great for long hours of heavy loading on my macbook, and it really works! And its silent too. You cannot hear the spinning fans at all! No more grumbling from my macbook when I’m using the Chill Mat. My macbook will still scold me whenever I use it at home, cause there’s no cooling mat below it. Hurhur!

Targus Chill Mat for Mac is available in stores and you can get yours at S$72.90. Price is a little steep, but its worth it!

My table at the office…

P/s: I know this is my second Claud talks gadgets this week! But I’m having sooo many things on my CtG list now! Will be pushing out more CtG for the rest of the week! So many that I’m considering setting up another blog just for gadgets! *faints*