Yes! I’m now mousing more than I use my trackpad! Ever since I got my macbook, the mice has not been my best friend. I got so used to the trackpad, I never ever thought of owning a mouse. But now, I’m a convert. I’m mousing more and more lately! All thanks to Targus Bluetooth Laser Mouse.

One reason why I don’t use a mouse is also because of the need of one more USB port. Never thought of getting a bluetooth mouse till I tried the Targus mice. Connecting it is so easy, all you need is to pair it once and the next time you used it, it’ll get paired automatically.

My favorite part of the mouse is the four-way touch scroll. It is really very smooth to touch and allows more rapid scrolling at your fingertip with 4-way touch sensor technology replacing the scroll ball/scroll wheel. After you try this, you don’t want to use another scroll wheel again.

The other feature of the Targus Bluetooth Laser Mouse is dual program button which allows you to personalized what it does.

Make the mouse your own with customizable one-touch access to favorite applications or functions. Buttons are conveniently located on the side of the mouse for intuitive, easy reach. Mine I’d set it to copy and paste.

The ergonomic design and sleek shape fits just right for my hand.

Targus Bluetooth Laser Mouse for Mac is available is store and retailing at S$99.90. The price you’ve got to pay for comfort mousing, smooth scrolling and matching design for your sexy macbook!

After trying out two products by Targus, I’m eyeing on the other products within the series too! I’m sure it’ll be as comfortable and easy to use. The File Share Cable for Mac looks interesting! Great for those who has to work between a PC and a Mac.

Let me know if you’d tried any of their products before.

Go check out Targus website for more product information!