In my very first post of Claud talks Gadgets in 2009, I mentioned about the sleek and sexy PC that fits into your pocket. After 4 months, finally I got my hands on the red Vaio P. No, it didn’t fit into my tight pocket, literately and financially speaking, but it fits very well into my small bring-around-everywhere-I-go bag. It feels weightless!

Here’s what the Vaio P I received for trial came with.

In this post, I will be talking about the little things which I liked and disliked about the Vaio P. If you’re looking for a detailed review on the features and stuff, head on over to Tech 65 blog, Daniel has got a very well written post there! Really! If you’re considering buying the P, go read it first!

Right, let’s move on to the little thing about the P which I liked – the power adapter! What?!?!?! Yes! I really loves how Sony has looked into the details they designed on this little block that many would have not bothered. I’m focusing on this because, even Sony website itself didn’t mention about the beauty of it! How can?! Let’s take a look at this amazing power adapter and why it caught my attention.

Here’s one part of it…

And here’s how it looks like when attached to the Vaio P…

See how small it is? In fact, if you don’t need the connectivity to external monitor or network, the power block is just half the size!

Let’s take a look at the back of this additional adapter.

When cable is tugged when not in use.

When using it.

See how detail it is? The cable is kept hidden at the bottom of the adapter and when you need to use it, there’s even a catch to secure it. With this extra removable adapter, you can now do your presentation on a projector or connect it to your office network with the LAN cable. Perfect for the executives who wants a light weight carry around PC that is stylish yet functional.

And the thing that irritated me when I was using the P, was the little red dot.

Seriously, after 2 weeks with it, I still cannot master the skill of using that little red dot to navigate! I’ve been a trackpad person for 2 years. But recently I got addicted to mousing instead. More on that in another post.

Here are some close up shots of the Vaio P to end of this short and not-so-informative review. Seriously, you should go check out Tech 65’s post on the Vaio P!

The switches and connection buttons.

The comfortable to type on keyboard.

The inputs.

Webcam – motion eye. (Kinda weird at the side. But good for those with better right profile!)

The behind… that black thinggy is the battery.