Acting cute is not just for the sweet young thing. Anyone can do it! So can I!

Its going to be a rather disturbing post for those who have never seen me in these cuteness before. For those who have, this post might serve as a horrible recount of those sleepless nights where my cuteness haunted you. For those who simply can’t tolerate the sight of indescribable alien from land of ultimate cuteness, this is not for you!

These are also some reasons why I miss teaching. I can act cute with my class of 30s and they won’t find me disgusting! They’ll even fall in love with me because I speak their language!

In 2004 we did a MIME hip hop dance for the kids in school to entertain them (they love watching us make a fool of ourselves) during Children’s Day.

In 2005 I dressed up as the Lollipop girl and won the most number of votes from the whole school. Fellow colleagues were scratching their heads when I went on stage. They couldn’t figure that it was me behind those big black wired glasses! It was quite a rocking children’s day that year!

And finally, this is the ultimate cuteness shot I’ve ever had!

Alright… seriously, this post is totally random. Buying time so that I get all the back log up. But I hope you had a good laugh or did you just puke out your last meal?