If you’re into dark, bloody, mystery and mild scary and sex drama, you’ve got to catch True Blood. Its been loooong loooooong time ago since I make myself sit through an entire drama series in one sitting. After 9 hours of blood sucking good time with Yinqi, Nadia (+1) and Mus, we’re all thirsty for season two!

True Blood has got us laughing, screaming, hiding and dancing! Yap! Some random shadows were spotted dancing and jumping when the credits roll before every episodes.

Let me attempt to do a run down and thoughts of the various characters in the series:
Sookie Stackhouse: the lead lady in the show. Throughout the season, two things kept popping up, the distracting gap between her two front teeth and the mystery of her size-changing breasts. One scene she’ll have super high and full breasts and on the next its all flat and gone! Wonder what kind of bra she’s wearing! Besides that, I feel upset for her ability to listen into minds. Its very depressing to hear every thing people are thinking. But she made good use of her telepathy talent well. And her love and commotion with Bill Compton was a beautiful one.

Bill Compton: the oh-so-charming-and-hardly-smile-on-face vampire that sips instead of suck! He’s the Mr-Nice-Vampire in the show. Besides his hairy chest and always sleepy eyes, his character gave True Blood the touch of mystery and charm. And… I want those fangs! The way and the sound when they make it pop out is so cool! I want!!

Sam Trammell: He’s the shape shifter. Also quite charming, but I still prefers Bill. To me, he’s like the “Daddy” (not sugar daddy!) of girls in need. Very caring man who’s in love with Sookie and have sex with Tara Thornton.

Tara Thornton: The black girl who’s insecure of herself. One of the well-liked character among us. This is the character I would play if given a chance to in the show.

Jason Stackhouse: Brother of Sookie. He’s the muscle man and ultimate sex machine (with help from V). Goes around humping girls and bumping into things. The silly guy that makes you laugh, cry, crazy and angry!

Lafayette Reynolds: Beautiful eyes, super bulging muscles and oh-so-perky-ass! He’s the sexy bitch that gives men what they desire. He’s never afraid to stand up for himself. A character that cannot be missed. Watch out for those golden thongs and pants!

True Blood will be on Max, Channel 59 on your starhub cable coming 9 April from 9pm to 1am! 4 episodes straight in a night! Really, you won’t want to miss it!

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