I spent an hour trying to get our tickets booked online for GV Tampines but the server is overloaded and they didn’t take any effort to upgrade it I guess. So we tried Eng Wah and were so happy we managed to get our tickets for X-men Origins booked.

Both of us were looking forward to the movie and hope to enjoy a good show. But when we saw the seats in Eng Wah Suntec Cinema 2, I almost puked. Throughout the show, I was paying more attention on whether any part of my arms, neck or uncovered skin was touching the seats or not. I laid tissue on the seats and arm rest but still my mind couldn’t help but picture those dirty cushions touching me!

I didn’t get to enjoy my movie. Pictures tell a thousand words, here’s how clean my seats were!

Those who came in after us didn’t get to see the state of their seats as the lights were turned off already. When we entered, they had all their lights on. Seriously, if you have seats like that in your cinema, turning it dimmer might save your ass for a while. But please get the cinemas renovated and cleaned quick!

There was also a stale and sour smell lingering around the seats around me. Arghhhh! Thought of it makes me feel sooo dirty right now. Going to get myself showered again! I’m not going back to Eng Wah anymore, until they get their cinemas upgraded. I wonder if the other cinemas of Eng Wah are in this state too!

Just for record, here’s our tickets for the not-so-comfortable-nor-enjoyable movie tonight. Don’t get me wrong, X-men Origins was great! Maybe I should just go catch it again at GV cinema.