Almost half a year into my small venture with my dedicated team and its been going well so far. I’ve been very lucky to have met quite a number of people whom are now business partners of 24seven. Its amazing how things fall into place on their own. When we started, I had a long list of leads I want to call and catch up with. But when we started till date, I have yet managed to go through even one-quarter of that list. Our namecards got passed around and thanks to good karma and relationship forged way before I started, contacts were also passed around. And its amazing how much these relationship eventually turn around. One thing for everyone out there, don’t underestimate the power of good karma, and never avoid building relationship with that new comer in a company. You’ll never know when he or she will get promoted and become the one who makes the decisions. Or he may know someone whom may one day be your business partner.

Good relationships though important, it is only the first step to the many great things that may come. You will need to have good referrals and credentials to back you up in the business world. Especially when you are small and starting up, the big corporations may know who you are, but in order to sign the confirmation, they need to make sure your company is reliable and has a team who can execute the work effectively.

One thing that my team lacks, is credentials from related field of work. With no PR nor corporate communications experience, we struggled when we present to new clients whom we have no past relationship with. And generating our first list of credentials is tough. But I’m glad we’re getting there. Slowly but surely. Thanks to all those who are giving us the chance to prove ourselves.

Another thing which my previous boss taught me, and something which I’d experienced myself not no ago, its that knowing big names from high up in the corporate leader may sound amazing and great. They may be the one who sign on the pay check for that deal, but the decision is made together with his team and the people executing and managing the campaigns. Knowing that big name may make it easier when the executives proposed something and mentioned your name. But that’s that. Unless of course, that big shot high up there is your Dad, than the story changes.

If you are starting up, or planning to, go get your credentials and referrals accumulated. Start paying forward and grab any opportunity that comes your way with real interests and passion. Don’t do it because you have to, do it because you want to!

Some thoughts from the @.@ panda entrepreneur.