With just two decades apart, we were asked if we are sisters too many times. She’s my support, my guardian angel, my bestfriend and my lovely mum. She’s why I am who I am today. I have so much to tell her, so much to love, but because of the way we are, because of the time we spend working, I hardly have time to spend with her.

Its the monthly facial appointment with her where we get to spend that good few hours together. Its on these rare nights where I will be home with nothing to work on and I will be in the living room with her watching TV and laughing together. Its on these rare occasions, where the whole family meets for a meal and spend some quality time together.

No matter how rare these opportunities may be, we always make the greatest use of our time together.

Mum, I love you! Thanks for supporting me all the way!

That’s my mum on the right, with her mum (my grandma) on her right and my godma (also my mum’s elder sister) on their mum’s right. To my three beautiful and lovely mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

Note to self: I need to take more photos with my mum! The photo above was taken last year during CNY!