I’ve been nominated for this year’s Singapore Blog Awards by OMY.sg. Thanks for finally taking notice of my humble blog Alvin!

This year, the prizes for each winner of the ten categories get to bring home the following:

  • A trophy designed by famous artist, Mr. Tan Swie Hian
  • S$500 shopping vouchers from Play Smart Pte Ltd
  • A Phuket hotel accommodation from one of the following hotels, courtesy of Asia Web Direct
  • A Koka’s Value-Added Pack (worth $55.00). Contains: All Koka’s Flavours
  • A $200 movie premium hamper from United International Pictures
  • The top 5 most voted bloggers across the ten main categories will also walk away with a HTC Diamond (worth S$1,098) each (This I don’t think I’ll win. But if I do, I will give it out too!)

So this is what I’m going to do. IF I win, I’m going to give away all the above to my blog readers! YES! Including that trip to Phuket! How to be part of this sweepstake is simple. All you need to do is to Rally for my blog under the category “Best Lifestyle Blog Award“. (Rally means to vote for me lah!) After you’ve done that, leave me a message in this post with your real email address please so that I can get in touch with you IF I win.

There are total of 6 5 prizes for the winners right? So I’m going to pick random 5 people from all those who rallied for me and leave a comment in this post. (I trust that you really did rally for me, since I’ve no way to check that.) If you’re picked, I will than let you pick a number from 1 to 5 (or 6), and whichever number you pick, you’ll get the prize. Of course, I will pre-label all the prizes before asking you to pick.

Before you all get overly excited about this giveaway, I’ve to emphasize that this is only the first round of elimination. There’s the judging, then top ten entries for each of the categories will be put through another round of voting. Which IF I get through to, I’ll need all your help again to vote for me. So that’s my part of sharing with my readers. Will wait patiently for your rally and comments…

Here’s my entry. Since the webmaster was smart to make voters click through all the pages of nominations to find the one you want to support, I don’t have a direct link to it and I can’t tell you which page you’ll find my entry. Just keep a look out for it ya? It should be in the last few pages since I’m one of those who got nominated and registered early.

The three posts I submitted are:

Good luck to you and me!!

If I don’t win, I’ll personally write a Thank You post dedicated to all of you who voted for me. =P