#sgtweetup ended with mixed thoughts from those who were there that night. So what happened? Was it good? Could it have been better? And what’s the difference between #smbsg #websg #sgtweetup and Tweet! Tuesday? Let see my analysis of them all. *takes out magnifying glass*

First lets see what’s a tweetup. In my own words, its a mashed-up for meet-up that happens for people using Twitter. Hence tweetup. Simple right? So when I came to know about the first sgtweetup by @CarlGriffith, my immediate impression was, “Yeah! I’m going to meet more new people!” And that’s what happened. (For me!) I got to catch up with old friends, especially nice seeing @emoh whom I knew back in my days at Made With Love, and I met lots of new ones too! *waves!!* I regretted not getting to meet everyone there. There will be a next one I’m sure! In fact @inrsoul has already started the next tweetup with beer and tapas on 21 May! (Sorry guys, can’t make it for this one. Heading to BKK the next day.)

Perhaps if the organisers had read about this before sgtweetup, the not so accidental hiccup wouldn’t have happened. Still kudos to @CarlGriffith for starting this and it was really a great turn-up! Just something to share from experience, if there’s going to be any form of plugging or presentation happening at such gatherings, everyone would have been more understanding and appreciative if it was made known to us from the start of the invitation. Coming in as a form of “surprise” for this usually turns the attendees off. Especially in social media, these things may get blown up pretty quickly if not handled well. And it just doesn’t help when the models had no idea what Twitter was about nor what they were expecting to do and meet at sgtweetup.

For those who don’t know what’s happening, search for sgtweetup on twitter (and go all way back to tweets from 14 May 2009). You can also read about it from Ingrid’s post, Daryl’s thoughts and Ian shared his views too.

So to answer my own questions from my opening:

Was it good? – Well in my opinion, I achieved my own purpose of being there and so its good.

Could it have been better? – Definitely! As Carl puts it, its his first time organising sgtweetup and surely lots of room for improvement. (This one I know best! Because I’d organised quite a number of social media gatherings like this.)

And what’s the difference between #smbsg #websg #sgtweetup and Tweet! Tuesday? – This question I’ll need a paragraph or two to discuss. So read on if you’re keen to find out…

Here’s my take on the brief introduction of the various gatherings/ events (in 140 characters):

#smbsg is like a corridor where neighbors meet to share about social media and how people are generally using them.

#websg is where the real hardcore web developments enthusiasts and designers meet to improve the usability of the web.

#sgtweetup is a gathering of tweeters in Singapore to meet, chat and be merry (with no agenda nor plugging hidden).

#tweettuesday is Not another stand-around-and-network-whilst-eating-free-food session. Its where people meet to share and learn about twitter and perhaps anything social media.

Out of the above four social events surrounding the new media (social media) or web scenes, I’m involved in two of them, #smbsg and #tweettuesday. And of course, there’s Blogout!, Barcamp and many other social events too. IMHO, all of them exists for a reason, and all can co-exits in the already small populated community of digital users here in Singapore. But like all social events, any agendas should always be made known to participants prior to the date so that they can come prepared and expect things to happen. Perhaps also because of the many types of events surrounding the same few platforms, participants are confused. And some would have already set their expectations when they attend. Organisers for future such sessions, it’ll be good to spell out the agenda (if any) and what to expect in the event page or invitation.

Well, I hope my post has shed some light to the blurred situation that was tweeted on and on after #sgtweetup. Looking forward to what’s coming up next here in Singapore. For me, I’ll be first looking forward to my trip to attend Barcamp Bangkok next weekend! Anyone reading this will be there? We should gather and go for drinks while we’re there! Or shopping at Platinum Mall anyone?

On a side note, after all that happened, I’m very upset that many of us actually helped tweeted and spread the words out to so many people about #sgtweetup! And someone just conveniently brought in his/her brand/client! Now I feel cheated!


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  1. LOL! you actually used the photo of that silly face I posed for you? Good seeing you again last night! And thanks for the 24seven sticker! So what do the colours mean?

  2. Didn’t have many photos to use lah. That was the clearest I got!

    As for the logo, well, each circle represents our seven core missions which is to discover and profile, and then to connect and communicate amongst brands and publishers. Creating a safe environment that allows barrier free discussions and the analysis of data and information.

    The writeup on it can be found here.

  3. Hi Claudia – looks like I was right not to Twitter stalk you at #sgtweetup last Thursday after all. Tho I’m amazed at an event with free beer and models that Derrick doesn’t have a big, broad smile on his face… :-) Perspective on different events is useful – too many.

  4. hey Claudia, thanks for posting the impressive photo of the models… it is very strange to me how some people focus on the “agenda” posed with having the models at #sgtweetup – do people really always have to know what is going to happen at a social gathering… can not an element of surprise and spontaneous opportunities be recognised for what they are – opportunities. From my perspective (and i did have to leave early) the models did move thru the crowd and speak to quite alot of very interested twitters and there were an immense amount of happy smiles in the crowd. Sometimes some of these social media events can be difficult if you don’t know many people there, a mixer (like models) is a great opportunity to bring different people together…

    As i was the one responsible for the models being at the event to start with I decided to keep their appearance a secret, the main reason being – with 10 models and having them only launch SUPERMODELME.tv that day I was not 100% sure i could actually get the models to the event as some other urgent need could have arisen, broadcasting their appearance and then a no show would have very bad karma. However most importnatly as it was a sgTweetup I assumed that it would be of more interest to have people turn up that were really interested in the main event not the maybe entertainment.

    Moving on to Models not understanding twittering – that is because they only just stepped foot into their role as contestants for SUPERMODELME.tv – they are in the process of learning all they need to learn to be a part of this huge social media exercise, I think they could be forgiven for this lack – if you check out the models now u will find they are all getting into twitter and facebook…

    Last I heard social media is about BREAKING the Rules – but in my defense I did not realise there were any rules for #sgtweetup to start with.

    Andrew Peters

    aplink’s last blog post..‘Virtual currencies’ power social networks, online games – CNN.com

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