Please Note: This trick is no longer working after the upgrade.

Restaurant CityYes! That’s what I did without having to open my restaurant! I’d been playing the game the wrong way for the entire week! Sooo silly! And now may I share the tips I found – the short-cut way of earning 2000 coins every hour or so in Restaurant City (a game in facebook).

Yes! I had been playing Restaurant City in facebook for the past one week or so. All thanks to my girlfriend who would rather watch their staff cooking than playing her favorite Mahjong with us! Curious me than started playing the game and building my restaurant… and after an hour, I got hooked! I’m the kind of person who likes building houses (in SIMS) and stuff. So this restaurant empire thinggy got me glued!

How I initially started was to make sure I have the game running whenever I’m online and keep it on tap to monitor the health of my staff. Objective is of course to up my level and grow the size of my restaurant and the staff strength. Now I’ve got a 11 x 11 squared restaurant and 6 staff. And the money (coins) earned is not growing as fast as I hope it would. But now, I can earn 2000 coins every hour or so and needs only 2 staff! This is how you can do it…

  1. Block the door to stop customers from entering. This is also to prevent your popularity from dropping.
  2. Let all your staff rest and just have 1 chef and 1 waiter with 100% health working in the empty restaurant.
  3. Save and exit the game.
  4. Come back to the game an hour (to 1.5hour) later and be rewarded with 2000 coins for your recent earnings!
  5. Than replace your dying staff with those who’d rested and gained 100% health and repeat step 2 to 5.

This trick was discovered from a quick search on google and stumbling upon this post.

There you go! So now you can start earning coins the faster and easier way. This is useful if you’d reached a sizable restaurant and just want to get more coins to do up the place. This trick will not gain you any GP nor help you level up. So use it only if you want to grow your coin bank.

Have fun!

33 Replies to “Earn 2000 coins every hour in Restaurant City”

  1. So no costumers will be left inside? just wondering… there will be no income if theres no costumers…

  2. @Jack, you might have returned to the game too early. Let it remain close for a longer time and you should be getting 2000 coins.

    @Tin, I think this might be due to some setting in the games. If you notice, everytime you let your restaurant run through the night (or day) and when you return, you will also earn 2000 coins and all your staff will be asking for rest or food. So I a guessing the 2000 coins is a feature that’s part of the game. Just that we can now earn more 2000 coins in a day by visiting the save and exited game every few hours.

    @abc its a game. unlike in real life. so yes, even when there’s no customers, you’re still earning coins. I’ve tested and proven it. Easiest way of earning coins without having to hack the game.

  3. are you sure this works? i tried it and followed ALL of your instructions but then i only get… like 300+ coins. its really frustration. well thanks anyways.. please email me at if you have an answer. tnx again. c:

  4. Hi Claudia,

    For some weird reason, its working a bit like im earning around 1020+ now. Not exactly the 2000 goal but its better than nothing. Thanks again.

  5. after the maintenance last night i don’t think this works anymore. does this still work for you?

  6. @cheesygarcia
    umm.. yea just opened it this morning and there is still money… it is still working for me…

  7. its ture i left about 3 cooks and 1 waiter for 30 mntues i got 1000 coins im all like WTF HOW DID I GET THIS MUCH WITHOUT COSTUMERS XD

  8. do we leave the customers inside?? or do we have to get them to leave? if i have to make them leave can i just make the place dirty and have evry1 run out of energy and theyll leave?? thanks! :D

  9. …if you are getting lower than 2,ooo coins…try bringing your popularity to 30!!…45mins already works for me…and walla!!! 2k coins just in minutes

  10. …if you are getting lower than 2,ooo coins…try bringing your popularity to 30!!…45mins already works for me…do what claudia said…and walla!!! 2k coins just in minutes

  11. Thanks so much Claudia! I was wondering why all the people on Gourmet Street had stuff in front of their doors… Now i know their all cheaters, lol. Thanks again!!!

    P.S. Are you sure this works if I have less Gourmet Points and Popularity then you?

  12. thanks a lot. i just turned lvl 32 but doesnt have enough money to decorate my resto. this is a big help, thank you.

  13. Hi Claudia,
    I want to try it but i want to get 2000 not anything lower like other ppl have been saying that they are getting. You keep saying that you have been getting 2000 and that we should just wait longer. So, I was wondering how long you wait. please comment back! tysm!

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