8:41:36 AM: If u r reading this on my blog now, updates be coming once i’m @ Suntec. Am attending #adtechasia as media. New media rocks! Live wor!

11:19:59 AM: Youth panel on right now at #adtechasia lets hear what they have to say

11:22:39 AM: A new username just for this panel? Come on #adtechasia who’s going to be tweeting @adtechasiayouth after today?

11:25:50 AM: http://twitpic.com/6yaz0 – The youth panel on stage right now at #adtechasia

11:33:11 AM: Panel getting interesting discussing facebook and the real friends n “fake friends” we have in there. #adtechasia

11:38:12 AM: Human face is more appreciated than a faceless corporate account. If they want to follow u, they’ll find u. #twitter #adtechasia

11:44:25 AM: Mobile fits consuming of content more than for creating. Except for twitter! That’s what i’m doing on my N97. #adtechasia

11:47:27 AM: The panel is not a gd representation of the youth population. Most of us active in the space are the only 1 among our friends. #adtechasia

11:49:32 AM: Same as @summersique we r online bcos we want to n our friends r here. its not just cos we wan to mkt ourselves. #adtechasia

11:50:49 AM: The digital profile is just an extension of who we are IRL. U need to know them IRL to know them 101% #adtechasia

11:56:41 AM: Future of ad? = Advertising offered as content with high page rank not SEM though! #adtechasia

11:57:10 AM: LOL RT @mrbrown: Wow, iPhone 3G-S can now Copy-Paste, send MMS, rec video, & take 3-megapixel photos! Revolutionary! Steve Jobs is a genius!

11:59:20 AM: Able to reach more audience in social media than in the mass traditional media. #adtechasia

12:03:40 PM: How we decide where to go for travel? Reviews, peers recommendations, blog posts, forums, pics on facebook etc #adtechasia

12:08:48 PM: Harder find since not online? RT @NicNacNoe: youth panel a bit too skewed towards youth who don’t use traditional media at all #adtechasia

12:10:08 PM: Breaking off for lunch now at #adtechasia

1:27:37 PM: Waiting for next session happening at ballroom 1. ROI justification for branding campaigns. Full house for this i expect. #adtechasia

1:33:18 PM: Moderator Raymonnd Teoh from SPH trying to get mic to work but failed. #adtechasia AV guys behind stage can’t see him lah!

1:47:38 PM: http://twitpic.com/6yj2u – Off topic: This session sponsored by Yahoo! Table skirting in purple and Yahoo rep on panel wears matching color

1:51:19 PM: More performance base campaign than branding focus. But if brand aren’t strong yet, does it matter how many DR campaign u run? #adtechasia

1:52:58 PM: Mkt share can be lost with over focus in quality DR and lacks branding campaigns. Both has to be balanced out. #adtechasia

1:57:39 PM: B4 lunch, panel talks abt failing of banners, now the talk is all abt placing the right banners online. Tats SM vs SMM? #adtechasia

2:00:34 PM: Moderator lacks engagement with audience and trying hard to promote his own work! Wth! Uncool! #adtechasia

2:03:45 PM: Looking forward to next session at #adtechasia on Leveraging Social Media

2:05:14 PM: blogging: Live updates from ad:tech asia – advance marketing and branding track http://tinyurl.com/nv9kb4

2:11:33 PM: Someone from @singtel asked abt B2B mktg online. I think he might b the one @nanyate talked to me abt b4. #adtechasia

2:12:50 PM: RT @kevinrose: i don’t get annoyed by many things, but talking food commercials on radio kills me (taco bell ad) “hi, I’m a spicy burrito..”

2:21:30 PM: ROI for viral marketing campaign how do u measure them? – set metrics upfront eg. Time spent and use tools tat r trackable. #adtechasia

2:25:30 PM: I see couple of bobbing heads in the room at #adtechasia

2:28:27 PM: Wow! Nicely done! RT @nadnut: Soyjoy challenge 3! http://bit.ly/18EpD8 Please do comment if you can! #gi-joy

2:29:34 PM: Always start marketing/ ad / any campaign with a big idea! Not where shld we buy ad next? So do u have ur big idea already? #adtechasia

2:31:00 PM: He has to end with yet another plug! *rolleyes* #adtechasia

2:35:19 PM: http://twitpic.com/6ykyi – I can sooo imagine @24seven logo on candies like these! Yahoo pack from #adtechasia the other my own from sticky

2:37:01 PM: http://twitpic.com/6yl0e – @thedigitalmovement has got a page in #adtechasia programme book. More abt the digital movement at http://tdm.sg

2:43:16 PM: Few hands up when asked who’s from client side and spending money on social media #adtechasia

2:46:00 PM: The cute guy who’s supposed to b on panel isn’t here – Hiro from ibis SG cos he’d left the company. #adtechasia

2:46:54 PM: Lucy McCabe, Lead Consultant from OgilvyOne SG moderating the panel now at #adtechasia

2:49:10 PM: Social media is still u and u recommending something. End of day its abt consumers conversations. #adtechasia

2:50:26 PM: Wolfgang Jaejel from Admax Plus sharing social media campaign for ibis SG on Bencoolen. #adtechasia

2:58:06 PM: Ian Stewart, Head of Asia Friendster focusing on sponsored content rather than banner ad. #adtechasia

2:59:49 PM: China social networks r very well studied by many and used as bench mark. I need to relearn my chinese so i can join n experience myself.

3:01:48 PM: http://twitpic.com/6ylub – Panel on Leveraging Social Media at #adtechasia with Lucy, Wolfgang, Deep and Ian.

3:05:22 PM: Different social networking sites caters to different purposes. E.g. Linkedin as the boardroom and myspace as disco party place #adtechasia

3:06:16 PM: RT @digitalmovement: The Facebook trend is slowing down. Twitter is the new IN thing. What are ur thoughts? http://bit.ly/SLuot #adtechasia

3:14:32 PM: Be as open, as honest and as engaging as u can be in social media campaigns. #adtechasia

3:17:08 PM: Social media is a great way to listen and find insights. But mktg r only doing 1-way msg. Wat abt the conversations? #adtechasia

3:19:57 PM: RT @gneo: SM suppose 2 be fun.but company start leveraging, too commercialize,it will make ppl leave.how do the panel addr that? #adtechasia

3:23:48 PM: Lucy asked to reference IBM B2B case study for B2B brand campaigns. #adtechasia

3:33:30 PM: Mobile social network will top the game in days to come. #adtechasia

4:00:38 PM: Overheard two pax talking abt Twitter and i very much want to intrude but didn’t. “they using US no. tats y they can tweet” #adtechasia fail

4:13:53 PM: Waiting for next session on Instream Advertising – video & rich media. Sitting at same spot cos there’s power point here! #adtechasia

4:17:46 PM: http://twitpic.com/6yo4a – OMG!! Not this kind of slides again! They need presentation zen. #adtechasia

4:24:49 PM: Now I see why marketing and PR folks find it hard to collaborate. One’s the cow the other’s the horse. I am lost at #adtechasia

4:27:39 PM: @molemole http://twitpic.com/6yoa2 – weeUweet! Hot babe! *sizzles*

4:32:07 PM: Brand owner should participate in the space of rich media. Its not just a game for media owners. #adtechasia

4:48:25 PM: Suggestion to all biz out there, how abt a twitter booking/ ordering system for ur customers? Instead of sms-ing or call? #adtechasia

4:55:04 PM: In Ballroom 3 now and its freaking cold! Guess I’m early. Previous session still on. #adtechasia

4:55:48 PM: I see @shalabhpandey at the other side of ballroom. *waves*

4:57:46 PM: Ohhhh really loving Gravity on symbian!! Discovering many features today since i’m on it whole day!

4:58:28 PM: Sounds like an idea! RT @JamCanSing how bout twit-bidding for an online auction house.

5:00:27 PM: Some1 asked when’s a gd time to send out direct email. Everything has got a ‘right’ time. And it all depends. No fixed rite time #adtechasia

5:06:55 PM: Good start, someone next to me telling another how much better are the sessions at ballroom 3 than in 1. #adtechasia

5:08:15 PM: Budgeting & Media planning & buying Digital media campaigns with David Wood, DWA #adtechasia

5:13:25 PM: First 2 slides were nice than comes one with super small font! *facepalm* #adtechasia

5:15:58 PM: In digital ad – 1. Don’t interrupt, but entertain. 2. Make it relevant. 3. Give dialogue not monologue. #adtechasia

5:25:49 PM: Talking abt different methods of buying online ads now. CPM, CPC, CPT etc #adtechasia

5:29:32 PM: Buying ad: Compare not just traffic, price & prominence. Incl comparison for editorial fit, opinion & relationship too! #adtechasia

5:34:42 PM: http://twitpic.com/6yq4r – Branded rich media (in orange) creates more awareness than static jpg/gif (red). #adtechasia

5:42:17 PM: RT @poxitweet: 56% asians enjoy interaction with advertisers that feed them relevant info. #adtechasia ^nick

5:44:54 PM: End of session. Now off to final keynote in ballroom 1. #adtechasia

5:51:47 PM: Ultra jerky video showing in ballroom 1. Video of Nokia somemore! #adtechasia fail!

6:01:58 PM: http://twitpic.com/6yqsf – Don’t understand why the need to have seperate accounts for each panel. Don’t think anyone use these. #adtechasia

6:06:21 PM: Final keynote panel! Brands speak out: is digital media conquering all. #adtechasia

6:07:42 PM: Sitting next to @armchairdude now and he keeps going “MS! MS! MS!” He’s an evangelist with MS btw. #adtechasia

6:11:26 PM: Live streaming now on Qik

6:32:50 PM: Hope its streamed & loaded: Live streaming just now on Qik http://qik.com/video/1841408 #adtechasia

6:37:07 PM: Anyone keen to get a quick overview of what is twitter can meet together at the party later. Will b more than happy to share. #adtechasia

6:38:32 PM: But than if u’re already reading my previous tweet u won’t need the brief! Those who need won’t get to see it! *facepalm* #adtechasia

6:40:44 PM: http://twitpic.com/6yrtl – Knowledge curve, where is the gap? Looks like a huge gap between the old marketers and young ones w/ digital expe

6:42:04 PM: RT @DevinGus: Wow, the microsoft guy just admitted that better products sell better. Perhaps they learned a lesson with Vista? #adtechasia

6:50:06 PM: http://twitpic.com/6ys2h – Cost per potato and cost per carrot? CPP/ CPC does not exits unless u spam! #adtechasia

6:53:30 PM: http://twitpic.com/6ys5x – Omg!! MS really does hell lots of measurement! MS return on marketing investment model. #adtechasia

6:54:44 PM: Need an extra battery pack for N97 for full day event coverage. Good thing I’d brought my charger.

6:56:04 PM: @uniquefrequency speaks for us fellow tweeters at #adtechasia! *salutes*

7:01:22 PM: End of #adtechasia day 1!! Networking party right now!! Let’s gather fellow tweeters!

10:31:53 PM: damn irritated by the crappy web host! wat kind of service is this? i paid for ur promo plan means u can treat me like crap isit? *PISSED!*

10:57:14 PM: anyone know if the macbook pro selling at PC show will it be the new ones? any promo going on?

1:06:23 AM: blog ADV: No eye see my phone bill lah! http://tinyurl.com/m3rx77

2:07:31 AM: blog i am Twitpicing! http://tinyurl.com/lc3qjh

9:40:54 AM: Had a rough morning battling w my left calf muscles. Just only managed to head over to suntec for #adtechasia. Missed the 1st session!

1:20:33 PM: http://twitpic.com/7110m – Smoov at #adtechasia booth 39E. Re-define user experience. I see gothere logo. Smoov looking for content provider

1:36:47 PM: I need power! No source in ballroom 3. #adtechasia

1:38:59 PM: http://twitpic.com/711xb – Workshop: Working with Ad Network with Kevin Huang, Pixel media #adtechasia

1:43:54 PM: @24seven fyi: One of leading ad network is 24.7 Realmedia in states. #adtechasia

2:07:21 PM: Standard display shld be topped w innovative and creative campaigns and engagement. #adtechasia

2:56:40 PM: W increase of digital smart users, who auto shut ads out when they surf, how effective will banner ads become in yrs to come? #adtechasia