Yes! That’s what I think of this year’s National Day Parade! It’s going to kick you off your seats!

Together with ten other bloggers, we got a sneak preview at their combine rehearsal 2 and all of us agreed that its better than previous years’ shows! If you’re the lucky ones who got preview tickets or tickets to the actual day, you’re in for a big treat! And to all the Primary 5 students and accompanying teachers for NEshow out there! Be prepared to stand up for Singapore! Yes! That was what I wanted to do in the middle of the show! Stand up and dance!!!

I shall not disclose too much about it now. The excitement has just started! I will slowly (hopefully every week) I will share a little more about the show with you. But if you cannot wait right, go check out NDPeeps website, blog, youtube, flickr, facebook and twitter! They’ve got the best (and only) exclusive coverage of NDP09 direct from the show!

Since I am not going to tell you much about the show, let me share some photos and also some fireworks with you! Scroll down….

Arriving at Marina Floating Platform, we gathered in the function room for a quick brief. And as bloggers, we cannot stop camwhoring lah! The photographer too joined in the fun!

I think we took the most number of shots! But it was fun!!! Everyone so spontaneous! I like! The usual group shot without bag, the point-and-look-elsewhere-shot, the usual group shot with bag and even the cam-whore-together-shot! Wahahahaha!! Classic lah!

The above photos obviously not taken by me. All grabbed from NDPeeps flickr album! Here are some collages of the shots I took with my dying Nikon D40. (Serious! Its really dying! Jiat lat lah!)

And finally! Let me show you some fireworks!!

Nice right? It was only a rehearsal that night, but we all felt the excitement and fun already! Imagine being there live on the preview and actual day! OMG!! I can’t wait for National Day wor!!!

P/S: NDP09 spoiler posts coming up slowly! Wahahahahaha!