If you are the lucky 10 who have received the password from Nokia, get out of your chair now!! The first SIX who reaches the secret location will get to bring home the to be launched Nokia N97!

Here’s the final clue you have to solve to reveal the secret location!

Clue #6 – the location revealed
They leave 44 nails @ Imal Bar.
It’s an anagram (5 words, 1 number and a symbol) and the bold letters/number are the first letter/number of each word.)

Too tough? No lah! If you know where I am, this is very easy!! The clue will lead you to the name of the place and the level we are waiting at! You might need help from our friendly Gothere.sg guide!

Quick race to this location NOW!!!! We are waiting!

First SIX to arrive wins!!

Don’t forget your secret password!