I have a very long story to tell. But I need more time to blog and reenact what happened this morning. So first let’s congratulate all the winners who raced and reached the secret location!

All of these six have one thing in common, they were all standing by near to central Singapore and managed to dash to the final destination immediately after they decoded the clues. Everyone entered the room panting and trying to catch their breath. I feel very happy for the first six who arrived, but after that, every time someone stepped into the room, my heart will skip a beat and I felt very guilty. I wish I had 10 phones to give to all of them. Still, I would like to thank everyone who took part in Search for N.

And here are the winners who each brought home a brand new Nokia N97! Congrats once again!

Diana aka Molemole

Darryl aka DK

Mei Hui

Cheng Eng and son


Junye aka Victor

And a group shot with the winners…

And one with some of the participants.

And this wraps up Search for N! More thoughts from behind the scene and video interview with the winners coming up over the weekend!

Thank you all once again for participating! I hope you had enjoyed the search as much as I did.