Way overdue! I’m back from two other trips already and yet I’m still only at my very first! This should wrap up my short adventure with Diana in Bangkok. You can find my other posts from our Bangkok trip here… Barcamp Bangkok 3 and Food whoring in Bangkok.

As the title tells, in this post, the shopaholic me is coming out of the closet! Yes! I love to shop! I categorize myself into two types of shopaholic. I can be a practical shopper (buying with a list in mind) or I can be an impulse shopper (buying because I feel like it). Good thing I am now more of a practical shopper than I used to. Most things I buy these days are either planned or there was some form of thinking process before I make a purchase. Let’s get to the point… Diana and I shopped till we drop in Bangkok! Where else better to do this than in the infamous Chatuchak Weekend Market!

When we entered Chatuchak market, the shops that greeted us were not the same as how I remembered. They’ve improved the quality of shops and there are so much more varieties now. I am impressed! There’s a part of the market where they have young designers and modern stuff displayed very nicely in these shops.

I bought quite a few T-shirts from this stall. Quality is good! Less than S$10 each.

Diana cannot resists fondling the sleeping pup! So adorable right?

Few interesting finds I shot from that day…

Some of the things I bought from the shopping trip around Chatuchak Market…

After whole day of shopping in Bangkok, nothing beats a soothing massage! And Diana discovered this super cool, comfy and cheap place near our hotel! Can’t recall the name already, but its reachable from an overhead bridge near Tango Vibrant Living Place. Some photos for your reference…

Am ending this post with a photo slideshow of our adventure. There are just too many photos from our 4D3N trip to Bangkok. This slideshow will share all of the can-make-it-and-show-photos. Enjoy!

Click here to view photos taken with Canon EOS 500D