1:36:27 AM: oh wow! its finally working today! hope live tweet to wordpress will work fine later

1:37:12 AM: i’ll be live tweeting updates from #adtechsg tmr and it’ll be posted live on http://claudia.sg! *fingers crossed*

1:40:24 AM: early morning tmr for #adtechsg but i cannot go to sleep now! blame it on #wwdc. (sorry guys, i’m testing the live tweet plugin crapping now

1:41:57 AM: looks like my tweets aren’t being posted up to my blog leh! Twitter LiveBlog why why why?

1:43:51 AM: ops! ok… i too fast for the livetweets. its showing fine now. that means i can end my testing now.

1:48:46 AM: http://twitpic.com/6wzya – Watching #wwdc unfolds right now… Snow Leopard selling at 29 bucks!

1:48:55 AM: iPhone!!!!!!!!!

1:50:06 AM: >50k apps for iPhone! Ovi Store needs to catch up! 20k apps + tunes + etc not very attractive to consumers yet!

1:57:03 AM: ok! ending my livetweet posting test. Follow me tmr if u’re keen to find out abt #adtechsg! Back to following #WWDC with live.gizmodo.com