After a week from blogathon, I’m still not fully adjusted with my inner clock. Two nights within this week of insomnia and the hectic working hours are adding more stress. I need to find time for myself. If only I could stop thinking and doing work after working hours. If only I could take few days leave to give myself the “ME” time. None of that happening anytime soon.

Till I have more ME time, this blog will probably be in hiatus. When I do return, it should hopefully be with a new skin for my blog too.

Have switched my host to Vodien after THC died on me at the most critical timing! But since its a lifetime hosting plan, I’ll have to find purposeful use for it soon. Anyone needs a testing ground?

Hope Vodien will not fail on me. If it can holds Lester’s site well so far, I’m sure mine wouldn’t be of any problem.

Till the day I return… find me on Twitter still.

Sleeping Cat

Sakura by fofuras felinas