“I don’t want to grow up! I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us kid!”

If only I can stop myself from aging! But that’s just not possible. I put on another year to myself again today. But I shall be forever young! *coughs*

Last year I did this. And this year I decided to take up the Asian pose challenge for my birthday post! Wahahahahahaha!

Here goes…

happy birthday to me!

No I didn’t submit my poses for the challenge lah! Ok. Time to get back to work! I’ve fulfilled not one but two of my birthday wishes already! Happiness! Hope more will be fulfilled!

Where my present? Hurhur!

Here’s the song I’m singing right now…


Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes!

Oh yes! I’m feeling the loveeeee!!

And thanks to all the SMSes, MSN wishes, email wishes and calls too! THANK YOU soooooo very the much!!!