Taken with LG Viewty Smart Art Shot (Cold)If you’ve noticed, photos posted by moi has been either from my mobile phone or my Nikon D40 which I rarely use these days. Cause its acting cranky! Sadly no one bought me the Canon 500D for my birthday. My Canon IXUS was sold as it was under used and I don’t want it to end up like my Fuji Z3 which I can’t recall where I kept it. But I know its still somewhere around my room. So anyway, to replace and fill my need to take photos wherever I go, I’m using the LG Viewty Smart GC900 which I was seeded before CommnicAsia. Untill today, I’ve never used it as a phone since I’ve got the N97 which matches my needs more than the LG Viewty Smart.

Since I can’t use two phones at the same time, the LG Viewty Smart ended up being my stand-by digital camera. Just because I love the Art Shot and Beauty Shot feature. And to be fair, it takes pretty decent photos too. As compared to my old Samsung Innov8, this phone takes clean and clear shots in the day too and the night shot on low ISO is pretty neat also. Will have samples as I share my experience with the LG Viewty Smart in this post. (Keep scrolling!)

To show you the features and how the LG Viewty Smart camera works, I’ve done a quick demo video of it. In HD somemore! This video should give you a good idea of why I am using it as my temp digital camera.

Demo of LG Viewty Smart

And while you’re still ogling over the camera features and UI, go check out what Tetanus did to his LG Viewty Smart! Damn hardcore I tell you!


If you’re looking for a replacement to your digital camera, the LG Viewty Smart might be the one for you. Can go explore and try it out more when its out in store. But personally, I cannot tolerate the slowness of the phone and the tendency to lag whenever I use it. I’ve seen Diana used it all these while, and seems like she’s enjoying it. Different users have different preference and tolerance level, so you got to go try it out yourself.

Now let me share some shots I took with the camera over the weekend…

Taken with LG Viewty Smart Art Shot (Cold)
Taken with LG Viewty Smart Art Shot (Cold)
Photo montage created using Picasa NOT a feature of the phone!
Photo montage created using Picasa NOT a feature of the phone!
Very emo feel right? 3 it!
Very emo feel right? <3 it!

As you can see, I really love the cold effect from the camera! Makes me feel very “Lomo” whenever I see a shot. But sadly, special effect shots can only take at 1MP (1280 x 960) instead of the usual 8M.

Also tested taking with night shot mode and these are what I got…

Waiting for fireworks at Marina Square
Waiting for fireworks at Marina Square

And here’s a video taken over the weekend of the Fireworks at NDP09 NEshow 3 from outside Marina Square recorded with LG Viewty Smart…

Fireworks Display Outside Marina Square

Finally, a comparison of the ISO settings for a night shot. First shot taken at ISO 400, second at ISO 200 and the last one taken at ISO 100.

ISO test at 400, 200 and 100

What do you think of the 8MB camera on the LG Viewty Smart phone? Not bad huh? Yap, that’s the beauty of this phone. Nuff’ said.