BthonFrom 6pm on 17 July to 6pm on 18 July 2009, 10 bloggers lived 24hrs of their lives inside TANGS display windows for a blogging challenge. I was one of the 10 bloggers who were selected for this campaign. It took me more than a week to recover from the lack of sleep and up till today, my clock is still struggling to get back to the usual settings.

Why did we do it?

It was an opportunity to for the sponsors to showcase firstly, the Intel ultra-low voltage processors in a lifestyle setting and educate about the technology behind the Lenovo IdeaPad U350 laptop. And to excite the audience to enable them to see that technology can become a fashion accessory too. Especially with the Lenovo IdeaPad U350 for the “ultramobile road warriors” out there. And for Tangs, its to launch their revamped website and to direct traffic amongst the bloggers and passerbys to enter Tangs.

Personally, I’m doing this because of several reasons, and no, winning the challenge is NOT one of them! Firstly, because I know all the three sponsors personally and I want to support their campaign. Secondly, this was like a survivor challenge inside Tangs, when will anyone get to do such crazy things again? And thirdly, I wanted to experience how it would be like looking out from inside the display windows for 24hr. I was expecting to see crazy things in the middle of the night along Orchard Road, but sadly, nothing happened. It was all peaceful and quiet on the Friday night.

Getting Ready

Preparing for the 24hr away from home, as usual I over packed my stuff. This is very common for me! I always bring more than I should when I travel or go for stayovers. I’m the kind of person who needs everything around me *just in case* I need them. So for the neither long nor short 24hr, these were what I packed…

Barang Barang I brought to #bthon
Barang Barang I brought to #bthon

Inside my big Simpsons bag, I have a smaller black bag which I call my “Run to toilet” bag. As we’re only given 10-mins of toilet break every 2hr, I want to make sure I have all the things I need at the toilet within reach when my toilet break comes. Inside holds three smaller pouches which holds:

  1. wet wipes, facial tissues and body powdersheet.
  2. body mist, perfume, hand lotion, Kiehl’s multi purpose balm and evian mineral water spray
  3. basic makeup stuff which I didn’t use

Then I also have three mobile phones and their respective charger with me, my DSlite and charger, Sony Walkman, multi-plug, usb hub, Nikon D40 and tripod. Out of this list, I only used the Nikon D40 for less than 3 hours and the DSlite for 15mins! The heaviest bulk in my bag and I never even used more than half of them! FAIL!

And the other stuff you can see from the above photos. All also not used except for the whiteboard and stuff.

My Outfit (Sponsored by Tangs)

For all 10 bloggers, we were given S$500 each to shop for a set of outfit that we have to wear throughout the 24hr. Its all about being comfortable and cosy for me. So I picked my usual choice of outfit. Total price was pretty close to the S$500 limit.

What I wore at #bthon
What I wore at #bthon

Beside the outfit sponsored by Tangs, all of us also got our choice of products from Kiehl’s worth up to S$200. I will share more about them in my next post. More thoughts and photos will be coming up soon!