As mentioned, I’m going to slowly reveal what I’ve seen and know about this year’s NDP with you! No, I don’t think these sharing will spoil the show cause you’ll need to experience it yourself to get the real deal! Treat these as teasers lah!

Teaser #1: Pole dancing at NDP09!

Yes!! You hear me right! There will be poles erected on the floating platform and there will be pole dancers doing their thing on these poles! This is a huge leap to have such a performance on national day! Can you imagine the looks on the ministers face? If this showcase is the start of a more exciting, modern and fun NDP, I want to be part of NDP2010!

Teaser #2: Singa the lion is alive!

You can spot him everywhere in his white tshirt and green pants. And he’s appearing too at NDP09! They need a much bigger bush to hide him lah! But when he appears, that’s where the other lions will jump out from among the spectators too! So beware! *ROAR!*

Photos all taken from NDPeeps flickr album. Thanks for sharing and giving access to the photos with everyone!