If you were to stay awake for 24hours, what would you do? This weekend, ten of us would be put to the test of surviving a 24hr Blogathon inside TANGS display windows! Theoretically speaking, we will be living on more than 24hr without sleep from Friday to Saturday! Simple math…

Working backwards:

  • Sat 8pm: Reach home, shower and KO (hopefully!)
  • Sat 7pm: Dinner (if there’s still energy left)
  • Sat 6pm: End of Blogathon (#bthon)
  • Fri 6pm: Start of Blogathon
  • Fri 5pm: Reporting time to change and setup
  • Fri 4pm: (For myself) Meet Cheryl at Tangs to try the pair of shoes I selected
  • Fri 3pm: Leave home for Orchard
  • Fri 2pm: Shower and get ready for 24hr w/o showering!
  • Fri 1pm: Get some work done and assigned.
  • Fri 12pm: If I can make myself sleep till 12pm that’ll be best! If I jump out of bed before 12pm than also no choice lah!

So you see! Base on my calculation, I will have to be awake from 12pm Fri to about 9pm on Sat. I hope I can survive that!


To prep myself for this ultimate challenge, I’m going to start listing down the things that I’ll have to bring to keep me occupied for the 24hr and some tips on how I am going to stay awake.

Claudia’s packing list for #bthon

The tech stuff:

  • DSLR camera
  • Tripod for DSLR camera
  • Mobile PhoneS + charger(Yes! More than one)
  • Sony Walkman + USB cable
  • Nitendo DSlite + charger
  • Multi-plug adapter
  • USB Hub
  • Remembering all my passwords!

Non-tech stuff:

  • Face towel to freshen up
  • Wet facial tissue + Wet Wipes + Kao Biore Body Powdersheet
  • Tissue paper
  • Fluffy pillow to hug and support my chin when my head feels heavy (To buy one on Fri!)
  • Sour and mint candies
  • Whiteboard + markers + duster
  • Muji notebook + pens for doodling
  • Vicks inhaler + Vicks rub + Kiehl’s multi purpose balm aka Superbly Restorative Skin Slave
  • Body mists + perfume
  • Toothpicks
  • Listerine mouth wash
  • Hair clips
  • Sunglasses + Cap (I’ve got hootie!) for the morning and noon sunlight
  • Sweater for the night coldness
  • list to be continued… what else will I need?

Claudia’s tips for surviving #bthon

  • Watch movies/ drama online (suggested by molemole)
  • Revamp my blog theme (again)
  • Play games online or on DSlite
  • Eat sour candies/ sweet
  • Chat with fellow bloggers in other windows, at home or wherever they may be via MSN/ Twitter
  • Plan for my new project idea
  • Catch up on my blog posts (many many outstanding!)
  • anymore suggestions?

The 10 bloggers in blogathon are:

Come by TANGS (Orchard) on Fri-Sat to see us in action!