After years of yearning for my own meow, I am finally a mommy of one! May I introduce to all my meow……

Hellooooo Yuniko!

It was love at first sight when we saw him at SPCA today. He showed his affection with few strong scratches on my chest and arm when I hugged him the first time. After some getting along he is getting cozy in my arm now. His given name was Niko and I decided to add “Yu” in front because I like “Y” and Abang’s name is Yuzreeeee (not the real spelling), so my meow is call Yuniko.

He’s gentle, tame and well behave (so far). He’s 5 months old and a gray tabby cat. Yuniko will look at you with his watery yellowish-green eyes when you call his name. Like all cats, he likes to be stroked and rubbed on his head, nose and chin. His tail is long and nicely shaped. His fur is soft and cuddly. And he’s my meow!

Guess this blog will soon be taken over by him! Wahahahaha!