My poor feet has gone through some serious damaging lately. Walking for long hours and distance, chasing for buses, squeezing in those wrapped up shoes, my feet needs some pampering soon!

One of the project I’m doing for 24seven, is to come up with a mission to test the service level of establishments in Singapore. We all encounter good and bad services everyday. From the public transport driver’s reckless driving, to the auntie at the coffee shop who makes sure our table is free from dirty plates and unsightly grease. Everywhere there will sure be similar encounters. And that’s what a service squad has been set up to do.

Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served the way which is acceptable in your own level of expectations? Have you ever met with a super good service that you filled up a customer feedback card to compliment their effort? I know I have (while I’m in HCM).

Some facts I got from Are You Being Served website…

To give you the low-down on service in our tiny island, Are you being served? is a blog that investigates all service matters and engages in real life “missions”. We give kudos to the good and to the not-so-satisfactory gentle nudges in the right service direction. (Why not do the same? After all, they might impress you the next time!)

In support for the project I’m working on, I decide to go on a mission too! And I’m sending my feet for this. Here’s what I plan to do…

Mission: To test the staff’s product knowledge and service level at unexpected moment.

Going for pedicure for the first time, I want to understand all types of pedicure services available. I’ll get the lady to explain to me in detail each of their service in order to decide which I will take. Then during the color selection to paint my nails, I will get the lady to try as many color as possible on my toenails so that I can make my decision. (I am a fussy woman lah!) Then during the pedicure session, my leg will suddenly get a bad cramp when she’s painting my nails. I wonder how she will react…

I will be going for this mission sometime next week. Will then share my experience with you again.

Have you encountered any good or bad services before? Why not share about them too at Are You Being Served website? Alternatively, if you have some whacky ideas for a mission, you can also submit them to the service squad! Maybe they’ll pick it up and conduct the mission!

Can’t wait to see how the lady will react to my feet’s mission! *grinz*