Finally! Claud talks Gadgets will have a new post soon! Cos now I’ve got new toy to play with for the next 2 weeks. Its been awhile since I got new toy to play. Firstly because this woman is crazily immersing herself in the sea of work and is calling for help (Secondary School grads may apply too!), secondly this woman isn’t getting as many engagements as before (most probably due to what I am doing now or maybe people are getting bored with this blog) and also because this woman is aging faster than she should (again due to work).

VV = W?
VV = W? Its the new Vaio W

Although I still cannot leave home or office without my MBP as my schedule and tasks are all stuck inside waiting for my dear iPhone 3GS to arrive (hopefully soon), I will try my best to bring this Vaio W out to test it. Perhaps its time I try this function thinggy that Diana has been raving about on Vaio W. Good thing this Vaio W runs WinXP! The previous Vaio I played with was on Vista. (You should know what people say about Vista. -_____-||)

The Vaio W I have now is white. If only it was the brown one, I’ll probably bring it out more often. Anyway, the reason for this new toy to play is because, this woman is taking part in the “Make me the W ambassador” Competition supported by SONY. Total of 6 bloggers are involved. (Go check the facebook page to find out more.) I will try my best to win the judges choice prize so that my extra help at the office will get to use this cute Vaio W during office hour. If not, you’ll have to bring your own laptop! Wahahaha! Ya loh! New start-up company is like that loh! Can save money must save mah! LOL!

I shall not waste too much of your time now. Going to bed. Its 4am on a Saturday! And its drizzling outside! WTH am I still awake? *facepalm*