Yes! Its a GREAAAAAAAT movie! UP is my No. 1 favorite animation right now! Just like Mr John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation Studios say, “Story is king.” And UP sure lives up to that!


I caught the show in 3D and I want to watch it again! Non-3D this time, cause after awhile, the 3D effect doesn’t seem to be as 3D as it is half-way through the show. It didn’t really pop, you know what I mean?

This movie is surely written to fit and to be enjoyed by everyone no matter how old you are. The story is great and the animation was (as expected) great too. But if the story was any different, the impact might not be as powerful as it is now. Believe it or not, I cried four times during the movie! Yes! FOUR time during a comedy show!! I very emo loh!

*Spoiler Alert*

The four moments when I cried…

  1. During the fast forward growing old process of Carl and his life with his loving wife, Ellie.
  2. When Ellie dies.
  3. When Carl battles between saving Kevin and the house.
  4. When Carl finally saw the remaining adventures Ellie filled the album with. And I burst into tears when he saw the message at the last page.

These parts might not have much impact on the kids, but I am sure adults watching this movie will be moved by the affection and love between Carl and Ellie. The kids will enjoy the show as it is. The beautiful colors, the floating house, the round, cute and at times irritating Russell, the talking dogs and funny bird.

This show will grow old with me! Can’t wait for the DVD to be released! If I’ve got blue-ray player, I’ll get the blue-ray disc for sure!

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