Yes! Finally something happening here and its for my “column” Claud talks Gadgets. After two weeks of trying out on the Sony Vaio W, here’s what I’ve got to say…

Sony Vaio W

The Sony Vaio W is suitable for those who wants a basic machine to surf the internet, watch videos, browse through photos and do light work on their on-the-go notebook. Guess that’s why Sony Vaio W is known as “The Perfect Leisure Companion“. When you’re on leisure, you really don’t want to be packing heavy machine and doing heavy duty work on it. Great for short get aways from work. (That’s why I think I need one! Wahahahaha!)

The rounded edges and smooth surface makes the Vaio W looks sleek and stylish. Well, its a Sony after all, form and design is essential elements in their products isn’t it?

Been long since I typed on a mini keyboard, and with more than a month long of not trimming my fingernails, typing on the Vaio W isn’t as fast as I hope to. However I have to give credits to their carefully designed touchpad and mouse keys. Mousing around on the touchpad was a breeze.

Coming with your purchase of the Sony Vaio W, you will find Vaio Media plus software, where you can use to access and manage your photos and music files. Having used a Vaio back in my previous job, I believe this software will be a welcome to those who can’t live without their music in the notebook and for those who camwhore everywhere. With Vaio W, you can now view your pretty and handsome photos on a 10.1-inch wide, LED backlit display. See already even more pretty and handsome! See even my meow, Yuniko, looks cuter on the screen.

The Sony Vaio W weighing at only 1.19kg including the battery, you can bring it everywhere. No bags to carry also never mind, with such pretty notebook, no need to hide! You should flaunt it! But be careful not to scratch it! I know how painful it can get in your heart if you see a scratch on your notebook!

The Sony Vaio W is now available in stores and retailing at S$899 inclusive of GST.