Yes! I went for a romantic dinner with Abang couple weeks ago. This is one of those things that is one-in-a-lifetime kind of experience for me. Just like my trip to Tokyo many years ago. Its just one of those things that I don’t see myself splurging on after experiencing it.

What am I talking about?

Its the first and only full butler sky dining in the World! Ya lah! That one where you sit in the capsule for an hour and dine with your lover. To be honest, I was a little skeptical about the quality of food before I boarded the flyer, but when the appertiser was served, my taste bud thinks otherwise!

Mini Singapore Flyer

Before I continue, I must first say ah, if you are looking forward to photos of the food and scenery from above, I’m sorry but you’ll not find them here. Because I didn’t want to spoil my romantic date that night and had conveniently forget to bring any camera with flash. So all photos here are taken with my iPhone. If you want to see photos of the type of food served in the sky, head over to Ladyironchef’s blog.

Starting from the guest receiving area on the ground floor, guests will have to “take attendance” with the reception and then they will tag us with a sticker. This resembles those that’s used at clinic especially during the SARS and H1N1 period. Ya! That kind of green sticker loh! Can you spot it on Abang’s jacket?

Seriously, if the guests are paying $199++ for the dining experience, at least a proper wristband or sort should be used right? Can be kept as memorable also mah! But green round sticker? By the way, this sticker is to allow their staff to identify you when you walk around the flyer, so that they know you’re there for the Sky Dining package. On second thought, if they continue to use these stickers, will one day someone just fake it with their own stickers to gain access to the VIP Lounge? Hmmm… Sorry I digress… back to my flyer sky dining experience.

Having been on the flyer couple of times before, that night if on an ordinary night, the scenery wouldn’t have attracted my attention. But because it was the Singapore Grand Prix F1 night race season, I got to see the track from above. At least something different from the usual stuff.

Besides the complimentary sky juice (a.k.a. ice water), each of us were given a glass of ginger ale with fresh summer berries (a.k.a. 1/4 of a strawberry). This is your one and only glass of drink besides the free flow of sky juice, so drink slowly! You’ve got an hour to spend up there!

The appertiser that night was my favorite fresh prawn (a.k.a. crystal prawn as written on the menu). Seriously my photo above does no justice AT ALL to the fresh crunch prawns on my plate! There were if my memory is right, four decent looking fresh prawn accompanied with fresh mesclun salad with herb citrus salsa.

There were three entrees to choose from, and we had the baked cod glazed with honey miso and seasoned vegetables and roasted roulade of chicken wrapped with turkey bacon and accompanied with sweet potato mash and garlic baked zucchini. Ok, the name of the entrees sure is a mouthful! No wonder the butler (I presume his first few flight on the job) was having a tough time going round the four tables explaining the menu. Poor guy! Can see that he was very stressed out as a senior staff was with him monitoring his service.

During the first rotation, all the food and drink was served from within the capsule, so I was wondering how they managed to hide the entrees too at the small corner of the capsule. Then when the first rotation reached the foot of the wheel, the doors opened and suddenly waiters came from behind with our entrees. It gave me a shocked lah! Thought our capsule got invaded or something. ROFL! The waiters were already told which table and which person ordered what entrees. So each of the four waiters just have to get to the right table and serve the man and lady their orders. Nicely executed.

Being the hungry me, I finished the entree before the second rotation ended. So I spent some time snapping photos. Which all turned out black black one loh! Only got this to share…

After an hour in the flight, we then proceeded to the VIP lounge for desserts and tea. Desserts for that night was Panacotta with fresh fruits. Instead of dessert spoon, we were given entree cutlery for our dessert. Its not that I’m being atas or picky lah, but dessert with big spoon not easy to eat wor.

The night ended with a big lightbulb behind Abang and me at the VIP Lounge…

Overall the dining experience was enjoyable and nice. If only the ginger ale with summer berries was free flow! It’ll be even better!

If you’re planning something nice for your girlfriend or wife, and feel that your wallet is able to tahan the $199++ for dinner, then go give Sky Dining at the Singapore Flyer a try. Maybe your girlfriend/ wife will treat you extra nicely that night. *coughs*