Remember the mission I said I’ll do with my feet? Yap! That one that made Molemole went Wahahahaha! non-stop. The mission which I planned to do in support for “Are You Being Served?“. Ya! That one lah!

Well, Diana did a mission recently to test the reaction of the staff from a tourist attraction place. Head over and read, hers is damn funny! Mine is surely not as “fun” as I’d expected it to be. So what happened to my feet?


I walked my tired feet to Rivervale Mall from home that night. It was almost 8 when I reached the place. And they closes at 10pm. Its a new beauty salon with manicure, pedicure, facial and massage services. The place is very nicely designed and gives a very classy feel. A rare sight in a neighborhood mall. So there I went, my feet stepped in and my eyes darted around the place for the price list.

Two ladies were at the counter when I entered and immediately they approached me to see how they can help. Did a recording of the conversation, not very clear cos the phone wasn’t power enough to record surround sound lah. So not putting it up. Else you’ll just hear my super low and irritating voice. Wahahahaha!

The gist of the conversation, is where I asked about the different types of pedicure and then decide on the classic pedi, where later the young lady boss tried upselling to me to the up it to their Spa pedi where they use OPI products and they will apply mask for my leg.

During the process, the lady boss was very friendly and she didn’t hard sell like some other places which I’d been to. I was told to pick the colors before I sat down, hence I couldn’t try the testing of multiple color mission. *FAIL!* -___-|| But I did stood there for the longest time staring at the rows of colors and asked them to suggest the hottest and most popular colors to me. But all the colors they choose kenna rejected by me! Wahahaha! Seriously, I’m not into bright orange, yellow and pink nails leh. Though I rejected their ideas their face didn’t change, still smiling and allowing me to take my time to look at the colors. I am pleased.

Since it was my first time doing pedicure, the clumsy me didn’t know what to do nor where to sit. I almost tripped while getting to the seat and after I sat down, I almost gave the pedicurist a kick on the face! Seriously, if that happened, it WASN’T on purpose!

Shimmer and Shine

My pedicurist was still learning the trades I think, she was taught through the steps for my feet spa session by another lady. Though she is new to the service, she was very professional and did a very good job trimming my super long and ugly toenails and removing the pretty bad layer of cuticles around it. She even asked if I’d not been for pedicure for a long time, then I told her “Erm, its my first time leh.” She gave me the disbelief look! I can imagine she thinking, “Wah! This woman never done pedicure before? She gave her first to me leh!” Ok, I digressed…

Shimmer and Shine

The service by my pedicurist is very good. Through the session, I asked her question when she does something different. For example, when she was scrubbing my feet, I asked why she is doing it and said it tickled. Very tempted to give my leg a jerk but that will be too nasty of me. She was very patient with me and didn’t mind my stupid questions. The lady boss also came back often to check how’s thing going and if everything was alright. Chatted with her while waiting for my nail paint to dry, and got to know that she started this shop with 2 other friends and was previously working at the other mani-padi place just few steps away from her shop. I asked if her boss would mind her snatching away business, but in fact, it was her previous boss that recommended she take up the space for her own business. Very brave ex-boss she has!

And hor, when I was chatting with her, I really ended up damaging my nail paint! My left thumb nail was scratched my my right thumb nail. The lady who painted my nail wasn’t around and had placed back the nail color. So the lady boss had to walk back and forth to find the right shade of color to help me touch up. I feel damn pai say lah! And for the record, this WASN’T done on purpose!

At the end of the session, which lasted almost 2 hours (with express manicure), I was the one who got tired. Asked too many questions already. It was one of my most tiring pedicure session ever lah! My planned to sabo them ended up being a sabo to myself! Wahahaha! But overall I still enjoyed the session very much and will surely be going back for their service whenever I need some pampering on my feet and hands.

The place I went?

Shimmer and Shine
Rivervale Mall, next to Daiso.
(YES! There’s Daiso in Sengkang! Muahahahaha! Ok I digressed again!)

Do you have similar experiences? Or do you have any mission which you hope to try out to test the service quality in Singapore? Head over to Are You Being Served? to read and share experiences.