Last night, at Supperclub, INQ mobile and Singtel launched INQ Mini 3G in Singapore. So what’s this INQ mobile brand all about?

INQ + Singtel

Through our platform we’ll enhance the way you use your phone to stay in touch with your friends. Our phones make using services that’d normally chain you to your desktop, such as Facebook, Windows Live, Skype and eBay, as simple as sending a text.

more on their website

I’m going to keep all the techie stuff out from this post, you can find detail run down of the INQ Mini 3G from Tech65 and Techielobang. Here, I’m going to go a little bimbotic artistic in this post of Claud talks Gadgets, because the INQ Mini makes me feel so colorful and artsy! Here’s 10 reasons why…

Wonder if anyone spotted this on the box. Find it very cool leh. That’s the first thing I noticed while I got hold of the box.

When have you ever spotted such artsy box on a mobile? I know this is my first time.

Many many colors to choose from! Not sure if it’ll all be available here though. Got to wait and see.

I love love love love love love these help cards! I’m going to stick them next to my workdesk. <3 <3 <3

Behind these beautiful cards are simple guide on the main features of the phone. Never have I enjoyed going through phone manual this much! I keep flipping through them over and over!

Again, its the box! Wahahaha! Yes, I think I’m obsessed with the whole packaging! Impressed by inside too!

USB mini charger! Can charge on any USB port.

Singtel AMPed comes with INQ Mini 3G too. Music anyone?

Where can you find such pretty menu in a phone?

Google search right from the homescreen using their widgets feature.

Here’s how the phone looks like…

INQ Mini 3G will be available from Saturday! Look out for details on where you’ll be able to try it out coming soon. Just in time to flaunt it during Hari Raya! Tweet, facebook and IM your friends anywhere anytime! O_^

11 Replies to “Why INQ Mini 3G is Cool”

  1. Yeah..everything is cool except the phone itself. Reminded me of Motorola phone…anyone still using Motorola ??

  2. Hi cladia! The phone is cool! Although it is not as powerful as the smart phone, i don’t find lag when surfing the mobile site. In fact, i an typing the comment with mini 3g

  3. Love this post! And honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the phone but all the details in the packaging make me actually want to check it out! Love the Help Cards and the Parkour Bar Code.

  4. ahhh! I’ve been looking for a shot of this, that’s my card on No.4 on the right (very colourful with paint/goo coming from the top). Do you have a clear shot of this?

    If so please could you send it through to me @ Thanks, Brett

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