Last year I discovered Stubbornsnails. And now I found my childhood favorite pillow!! I was brimming when I stumbled upon this mummy blogger’s shop! She has cleverly integrated two of my favorite things from when I was a baby! I remember the chow chow (smelly) pillow which I cannot stop hugging, smelling and touching which my grandma made for me. Filled with beansprout shells. Can you recall owning one of those before? I didn’t know there are still such things around till I found Pupsik Studio!

Beanspout Pillows

Beansprout pillows are traditionally made by loving grandmothers back in the old days. The natural kernals from beansprouts are used to make pillows that are light, cooling and safe for newborn babies especially. As newborn babies are easily startled by sudden noises and movements, these beansprout pillows are usually placed over their chest to give them a sense of security when they sleep. As they grow older, these pillows turn into a comfort pillow that they will not be able to do without. A wonderful baby keepsake!

She put the tags to the beansprout pillow! Not just one of them but many many taggies! That’s the other thing I love when I was a baby! I love feeling the soft ribbon on my pillow bolster whenever I am going to sleep. Not being embarrassed about it, I still do that sometimes! I alway make sure my bolster has got one side with the ribbon sticking out so that I can feel it before I sleep. LOL! It’s therapeutic you know!

What are Taggies?

Taggies are based on the idea that babies and kids love to rub the edges of fabric, clothing labels and tags. Originally created by an early childhood educator and mom, Taggies are believed to enhance early childhood emotional well being, growth, and sense of security by providing tactile and visually stimulating features that both soothe and entertain.

For those parents who don’t understand the logic behind the beansprout, there’s also the taggies blanket for your child.

I am so loving it! Must make one for my baby in the future! Or perhaps, it’ll be easier to buy one from Pupsik Studio.

Oh and their Baby Pouch Sling looks good too!