I’ve heard about it since they started but I’ve never got chance to make it for any of the dinner sessions organised by Nadia. And hell now I know what I’ve been missing!

Thanks to the partnership 24seven is having with Standard Chartered Bank, finally I get to pull myself there with my blogger friends and foodies. With great company, great food and the great promotion Standard Chartered is having, the night was great fun!

As we all didn’t know what to order, we left it for the boss, Howard to decide for us. So we all had what we call “Howard’s Special”!

That’s Howard, Fin and Barry!

If you find Howard familiar, well, he’s the sweet guy from the show “Eye for a Guy 2”. And Barry and Fin, well, if you’ve been watching TV or taking buses lately, these fishes shouldn’t be a stranger to you. Yap! The two from Standard Chartered 15% Cashback TVC.

The entire session of “Howard’s Special” came up to 10 servings, combination of individual servings and sharing portion (*). For the benefits of those present that night, here’s what we had…

  1. Miso Soup, $2.50
  2. Chef’s Special (Sashimi platter), $25.00*
  3. Nigiri platter that has…
    • Maguro, $2
    • Sake Toro, $2
    • Hamachi (a type of yellowtail), $4
    • Aburi Hotate, $4
    • Shime Saba (Mackerel), $3
  4. Anago (Sea water eel), $6
  5. Mix Kinoko Foil Yaki, $10*
  6. Tori Karaage, $6*
  7. Salmon Yuzu Yama-mayo yaki, $15*
  8. Agedashi Tofu, $5*
  9. Tamago Nigiri, $6*
  10. Shishamo age, $8*

Crazily a lot of food right? My favorite for the night was…

Anago (Sea water eel), $6

Personally I am NOT a fan of eel at all! I used to eat it if its on my table, but I rarely order it. But this I loveeee! Eating it is tricky though, like a Nigiri, it should be eaten in a single bite. I managed to stuff the whole long eel into my mouth. But Eevon has got some problem though. Watch this video where Eevon demonstrate how to eat the Anago. Video will be uploaded soon!

Mix Kinoko Foil Yaki, $10

Mushrooms!!! This is one of the better tasting mushroom yaki I’ve tried! Usually such mushrooms, the taste will be overpowered by the oyster sauce or whatever sauce mixed with it, but this, the chef used its homemade special sauce and it was perfect! Fragrance of mushroom remains and oh-so-fresh! Love it!!

Look at the Sake Sashimi!, $8

This is not from the Howard’s special. I was too hungry and had to order this when we arrived 30mins earlier. And just look at it is making me drool! Fresh and love the thick cut! Surely worth the $8!

Tako Sashimi, $6. My all time favorite!

Again, the freshness is key!

Yoshinogawa Gensen Karakuchi, $8

And that night I gave my first to Standing Sushi Bar! I had my very first Sake! According to Howard, this is one of their premium sake. It’s soft acidity and light in taste. It has a nice spreading flavor in the middle and a very vibrant, rich finish with some traces of dryness in the end. (No I didn’t craft that out! Its the description on the menu lah! LOL!) But it was good! I didn’t expect Sake to taste like that, but it was hell lot better than I imagined. Looks like my sashimi meals will never be the same again now that I’ve discovered the art of drinking sake!

This dinner was made possible by Standard Chartered. Thanks Barry and Fin for the meal!

Thanks for dinner Barry and Fin!

Looks like you’ve got quite a good bargain using the Standard Chartered Card! With the 15% discount off the total food bill on the spot, and the 15% cashback promotion from now till end December 2009, no wonder the fishes in the tank are all frantically trying to hide! :P

If you are a Standard Chartered card holder, to enjoy the 15% cashback everywhere you dine in Singapore, register via SMS “GET1516-Digit Card Number” to 78722 before 31 December 2009. For example GET15 4508128456789000. You’ve to spend at least $500 per month on anything, not just dining, to be entitled the 15% cashback on your dining expenses. (*Terms and conditions apply)

Tamago Nigiri, $2 each

So are you standing already?

Standard Chartered Bank is a client of 24seven. This post is not an advertorial by Standing Sushi nor Standard Chartered Bank, though they did pay for the dinner. I wrote it because the food was great and the discount is worth it!

All photos taken with my iPhone 3GS! Not bad huh? LOL!