Ever since I had Yuniko, my eyes and senses seem to be more sensitive to all cats around me. And when I saw these three cats at Ang Mo Kio the other day, I just can’t stop thinking about them!

First there was this cat wearing a t-shirt and it fits his character so well! He’s the King, so don’t even think of trying to get his attention. He simply /ignore everyone around him. He’s got character alright!

Then there’s this smallest one among the three. He’s super manja and friendly. He’ll come to you when you call for him.

And finally there’s this super huge grey cat! He’s the largest cat I’ve ever seen! When Abang told me that Yuniko will one day be as big as him, I almost fainted! I cannot imagine having such a huge cat at my tiny office jumping everywhere! But hopefully by the time he reaches this size, I would have a big garden or room for him to roam around freely. Seriously this cat is huge!

Can you see the difference between the two? The Kind is an average size cat, and the one drinking water is like more than twice the average size! His head is bigger than my fist! Make that twice as big as my fist!

Dear Yuniko! Please don’t grow up so quickly ok? I love you just the way you are now. But don’t worry, even when you are old and huge I will still love you. *hugs*