Being the eldest in the family, I grew up being told that I’ve to set good example to my brother and cousins. We live and grew up together, and I’m the leader of the lot. Being “trained” as a big sister for the 5 young ones, I shoulder quite a lot of pressure (or so I thought). Since I’m the eldest, I think I get less stress as there is no one before me for my family to compare or benchmark me with. Unlike the younger ones, they are often being compared – be it their studies, height or even achievements. Which to me, looking back now, is so unnecessary. Why compare? Everyone is unique and everyone should have their own rights and we should be in control of our own life! Why bother if we’re better or not. Among the girls in my family, I am the one with the lowest education qualifications. But so? I live my life to the fullest you know? :P

Having live through almost 3 decades of my life (yes I am coming to that big 3 soon! arghhhh!), I have learned to take care of myself and take responsibility of all my actions. And one thing that I will be responsible for is to protect myself from HIV/AIDS. Being faithful with Only ONE.

On Dec 5, I will be wearing my red ribbon, in support of World Aids Day. If you are on twitter, you can add a red ribbon too on your avatar. Add yours here. This year, the theme for World AIDS Day is “Your life, your canvas”, inspired by the notion that we are all responsible for painting the canvas of our own lives. What we choose to put on that canvas is entirely up to us, and the choices we make all contribute to a constantly evolving picture.

As I was typing this, the Singapore Idol commercial came on and reminded me that tomorrow’s Singapore Idol will be “Song for a cause” in support of World Aids Day too. The final 4 will be singing their own composition! Hmm… this is going to be interesting to watch I think. Wonder what Charles will be singing. He’s quite a talented musician, with so much musical knowledge under his sleeve. I shall wait and see.

Ok back to taking control of my own life… To avoid contracting the HIV virus everyone should…

  • Abstain from all and any sexual activity. This is the only sure way to prevent contracting HIV from sexual activity.
  • Be in a monogamous and faithful relationship. Having more than one sex partner increases your chances of getting HIV.
  • Use a condom correctly and consistently. Condoms are highly effective in preventing the transmission of HIV. A condom should be worn once the penis is erect, as HIV can also be transmitted via pre-ejaculatory fluids. It is recommended that you use a lubricant but not oil-based ones, such as petroleum jelly or baby oil, which will cause the condom to break down; you should use only water-based lubricants such as K-Y jelly or Durex lubricants etc.
  • Refrain from sharing needles with anyone.

Learn more about this not so mysterious virus here. Really, all of us should be kept in the known. Know your facts. Be in control!

If you would like to join me and many others to show support for World AIDS Day, I invite you to join us! I’ve got 5 pairs of passes to giveaway for a party on Saturday, December 5, from 6-10pm at SupperClub, for an exclusive World AIDS Day event of art, music and dance, featuring guest appearances by Jack & Rai and other highlights. Drop a comment here with your email address and I’ll give you the tickets! First 5 to leave comments will receive a pair each.

I support World AIDS Day. You should too.