Yap, because health is like shit too, that’s why the color is like that. Healthy shit not this color one! While drawing this piece of shit, the 4 ply tissue in my nose were soaked! Ya, that’s how sick I am now!

Don’t know how I am going to survive the next 3 days with the gigantic list of work pending, blog posts pending and I need to get my suitcase packed for the trip to BKK on Friday! And no I don’t want to fly to BKK and end up sleeping in the hotel because of the weak body I’m living in right now.

Don’t care how urgent work is already! I need to take care of myself! It’s 9pm now. Shower, eat medicine and sleep!

Superman please save me!

3 Replies to “Life’s like a piece of S.H.I.T!”

  1. OMG… :( No wonder u left early before Jack & Rai came on. I knew you were unwell but I didn’t know you were THAT unwell.

    Glad u’re better now… Must be the shopping & food therapy keke

    Hang in there!! When I meet u again, I should lend u this book I have called the Job Survival Guide..

    It talks abt how we need to pace ourselves too to ensure we can go farther and not burn out, as well as how we can pace ourselves and adopt a winning mindset to survive our jobs and excel.

    Wanna borrow?

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