Thanks to Sakae Sushi’s Monthly Blogger Affair, I was rewarded with $50 Sakae Voucher for my previous post. So our Christmas breakfast/lunch/dinner was at Sakae Sushi, Century Square. (Yes, we both missed breakfast and lunch so dining at 4pm makes the meal 3-in-1.) If not hor, we will never be able to finish the $50 lah! Just looks at the amount of food we ordered!

I’m quite “loyal” when come to selection of food. And so every time I dine at Sakae, my orders are standard. But since this time was for Christmas and with $50 to spend, we went ahead to order more than our usual food. We had more than just sushi that day.

To speed up the process, he flipped through the menu while I clicked for our order on the computer (or whatever they call it).

The Ordering Process

Starting with the usual $2.29 orders…

Chawanmushi, Miso Soup, Tako Nigiri Sushi, Fried Tofu and Salmon Karaage

All the above are our standard orders, how can any of them go wrong in any way right? Standard Sakae Sushi flavors for us. Thumbs up!

Also ordered the Sashimi Salad which I love…

Sashimi Salad ($9.99)

The dishes we tried for the first time (after so many visits to Sakae Sushi)…

Enoki Niku Maki ($7.99)

I’m huge fan of Enoki mushrooms! In this Maki, the Enoki mushrooms are nicely wrapped inside a tender slice of beef. With the sukiyaki like sauce, its a delightful dish and I could eat the entire plate on my own! But too much of it might make the dish undesirable too lah. So eat moderately!

Kinoko Tempura ($7.99)

Elloooo! Huge fan of mushroom talking! Kinoko Tempura aka Fried Mixed Mushrooms, this I would have like it more if the Tempura mixed wasn’t that thick. There was this very long one (I don’t know what’s the name of that mushroom lah!), I couldn’t chew it in smaller bites, end up I pulled the naked mushroom out of the “tempura shell” and just ate that. Hope they’ll improve on this dish in their new menu.

Chicken Katsu Cheese ($6.99)

I tried Chicken Katsu Cheese at other restaurants before, and this isn’t even close to satisfactory. Sorry Sakae! I’m truly very disappointed lah for this one. Instead of tasting the cheese, all I had was bland chicken with lots of mayo. Only managed to eat one and a half slice of the entire chicken and we couldn’t carry on. Quite a waste leh. Suggestion: less mayo and more cheese, more flavoring for the chicken.

To wrap things up, we had the Lychee Mochi Ice Cream! Great way to end a delightful Christmas meal.

Lychee Mochi Ice Cream ($1.99)

I think I recall seeing some posting on their facebook page about a new menu! I’m sure looking forward to it!

Thanks Sakae Sushi for the dining opportunities. If you think I’m good enough for your vouchers again, I would love to try more new items especially when your new menu is out! ^_-

Photos above taken with iPhone 3GS