It has been there since July but only recently I decide to give it a try. And now that I’ve tried, I’m sure going back for more. I found these restaurant quality food at pocket friendly price. Of course, you cannot expect it to be ultra fantastic all the time, but still I’ll consider it value for money.

On my first visit, I ordered the Chicken Chop. Save choice since it’ll never go wrong with chicken chop right? Waited quite a while for it to come, but when it arrived, it was worth the longer wait.

The sight of it tempted me to dig in. Fries were nicely stacked and it was still hot and crispy. The chicken, if I’m not wrong, was first fried then grilled. The skin (which I usually skip) was crispy and taste great! Meat was tender and though it was covered with pepper sauce but it wasn’t covering the taste of the grilled chicken flavor.

After that night, I brought Abang to try it. One of the owner recommended me to try the Oxtail Stew and Grilled Chicken so we did. Time is needed for quality food to be prepared, and so we did.

Grilled Chicken was topped with what I believe is Salsa sauce. For $6.50, the serving was fit enough for two to share. Between this and the Chicken Chop, I prefer the crispy chicken chop rather than the grilled half chicken. Still its pretty good.

The Oxtail Stew ($10.00) was the best so far! Abang and I both enjoyed it very much. The meat was very soft and tender. Served with generous serving of mashed potato and yummilicous sauce. If you like the cow’s bone marrow, you’ll love this. Skip soup tulang and dive into pure indulgence with this Oxtail Stew. Not sure if its served like that all the time, but the bone marrow is good!

Its ok there isn’t air-con nor restaurant dining atmosphere. All it matters is my tummy is filled with tasty goodness and my pocket isn’t torn with a big hole. This stall is a keeper. But they need lots more support and awareness to keep them going. I feel that their photos, banners and set-up isn’t enticing passerby to give the food a try. I really want to help them, so that I will be able to keep going back for more yummy western food at this Malay Corner at Hougang Plaza.

I’m going to organise a eat-out session for all those who would like to give this place a try. For just $10/pax, you get to order whatever you want. I will pay for any extra if necessary. All I hope is for you to help create more awareness for them through whatever means you can. Leave a note or ping me wherever you can find me if you want to join me at this. Details as follow:

Sorry people! Have got to be somewhere else on Sunday! Going to postpone this eating session! Will arrange for one on another day. Please still go ahead and try the food out on your own if you are around the area and tell me what you think of it.

Meeting place: Hougang Plaza
Date: Postponed
Time: Postponed
(Doing late lunch, so that we can have enough lighting for photos and avoiding the noon heat)