Dear Santa,

I’ve been waiting for you for almost 30 years, but you’ve still not found me. Guess I’ve been on your naughty list all these years. I don’t know what I’ve done to stay there for so long, but I’ve always tried my best to be nice to everyone around me. Perhaps I’ve been misunderstood, but I stay true to who I am, and I know deep down, to those who really know me, know that I’ve been a nice person. So Santa, will you grant me my wishes for this year?

Here are my wish list if you decide to stamp the “nice” chop on my file this year…

I wish for a Canon EOS 7D, to strike first prize Toto on Monday and Thursday, a big office space for my team, another cat to play with Yuniko, a free shopping spree at Funan, a year supply of cheezels and M&Ms, a house with swimming pool, a new car… and many many more wishes for me in 2010.

See, its not that difficult to fulfill my wish list right? So Santa, when will you come through my window with your big red bag? I’ll make sure I’ve got all kinds of cookies and milk waiting for you by the window ok?

Thank you very much Santa!


Ok, Claudia! Time to wake up! Go do your Christmas Shopping lah! Stop dreaming! Quick wish your readers merry christmas!!

Go have a blast!