Joo Koon, the last station on the west line as of 28 February 2009, an extension from Boon Lay station. So what do we have at this obscure station that’s worth exploring? Well, nothing much there, other then the educational place for students, NSmen, families and tourists (I guess).

If you are new to Singapore (here to study, work or live), you might want to pop by the S’pore Discovery Centre for a visit. There you will find interesting tidbits about Singapore, experience the many interactive display at the exhibition hall, catch a 3D-movie or even play a game of paintball with your friends.

A highlight now at SDC is the SG Tidbits 365 exhibition. Starting right from the sheltered walkway from the bus stop to the entrance of SDC, you will be able to find these signs along the way…

Held in conjunction with this special exhibition, there is an online contest where you can submit your version of interesting tidbits of Singapore and stand a chance to win the iPhone 3GS. If you would like to find out more, please go here for more information.

Back to my visit at S’pore Discovery Centre…

I’ve heard folks saying that the place is boring and very propagandized. But its actually quite a fun place to spend a day with family at. And that’s what Abang and I did, together with a group of bloggers and friends, last Saturday. Well, at least I know Abang and I had fun role playing! *coughs*

Here are some of the fun things we did that day…

1. Paintball trial at entrance of SDC

As the paintball arena is under going a maintenance when we were there, visitors were given a chance to experience shooting the paintball gun which is modelled after the real M-16 rifles to give you that realistic and unique experience. Each try is only with 5 paintballs! So use them wisely!

2. Tried out the battlefield simulation game

This we spent the most time at! I think its a new interactive setup as I wasn’t able to find the information on their website. Based on my memory, this simulation game (Battlefield Command) is played in a team of 4 (or can also be played alone, in pair or in three). All players are able to communicate with one another using the headgear. We tried out all the 4 roles available in the simulation. There was the overall commander post, the tanker, the plane and the ship (I think). Objective is to work together to win the battle against the enemies.

At one of the round we played, we had a girl in oversize yellow T-shirt being the overall commander…

Another girl in oversize red T-shirt taking the tanker position…

Abang taking the ship and me on the aircraft post. The result?

I had a perfect score! Woohoo!! It was pretty fun lah. The only thing we didn’t do was to communicate with one another. Cos the two little girls were literally shouting to one another through the headgears! We couldn’t take it so we both played without the headgears. LOL! You should try this when you’re there! Can play many rounds if there’s no one around! :P

3. A ride on iWerks, the 4D simulation experience

Our ride that day was a journey through a haunted mine. There was wind blowing at us and the ride we’re belted to moved and vibrated according to the situation we were in. The ride was alright for me. For better experience, take the seats right in front of the screen.

4. Shootout at the Shooting Gallery

Those who would like to experience shooting with a almost real pistol or rifle in Singapore, but couldn’t get access to, this may be the closes you can get to trying out one. At the Shooting Gallery, you can pit your shooting skills against your friends and family in the comfort of air-conditioned environment. There are two four-lane computerised simulated shooting ranges set up for the weapons, one for the pistol and the other for the rifle. Both have their own set of simulated environment for you to test your shooting skills.

There are many other attractions at the S’pore Discovery Centre now. Things have sure changed ever since the last time I went more than 5 years back. Back then, I don’t recall having so many interactivity and attractions for visitors.

The next time you plan for a family day out, why not give SDC a try?

More photos taken at the visit can be found on 24seven’s flickr album or you can view them from the slideshow below…