It was more than a decade ago since I last took photos with a film camera! And when I finally got my hands on the Holga 135BC (Holga) and Ultra Wide & Slim (UWS) from thirtysi36, I started my first 36 x 2 film shot.

One of those emo shots (Single exposure w/Holga)

The digital photographer in me who usually snap non-stop on the digital cameras, but I actually took more than 2 months to finish the 72 shots! I cannot believe it! Instead of randomly shooting at things, I used the first two rolls cautiously. I regretted not snapping more when I was in Bangkok! The photos turned out to be so randomly beautiful!

My first 72 shots didn’t all came out good. But I got more viewable shots than I thought. Not bad for a beginner lah. LOL!

Sharing my achievements from the two rolls of film… *coughs*

Unique Building Spotted near Newton (Taken with UWS)

Love how this turned out. Very “magazine” feel right? Looks like one of those images you’ll see in a property catalogue.

Central Fire Station (Taken with UWS)

Love how this one came out too! Nice colors!

The Tiger Beer Viewing thinggy at Sentosa (Taken with UWS)

Trees (Taken with Holga)

Antennas on roof (Taken with Holga)

One of the random shot at the Snap Snap Outing (Taken with UWS)

Benjamin and wife (Taken with UWS)

Yasmin plays bubbles (Single exposure with Holga)

Yasmin plays bubbles (Double exposure with Holga)

No bikes allowed (Double exposure with Holga)

Me with my red Holga 135BC!

That’s a lot of photos! But there are more