Fell deep deep in love with this! I don’t know how to express my infectious feeling for this camera! One which is almost friendly to my wallet, if I hadn’t overspent on so many other things before I discovered this! The Canon EOS 7D is, as what I’d said when I first laid my eyes on it, all I want for Christmas! (Alright, Christmas gone and 7D still isn’t mine.)

Starting my very first post for Claud talks Gadget with the DSLR that’s made to advance…

After using Canon EOS 7D in many lowlight places and occasions, I must say, this is by far the best camera for all you folks out there who prefers shooting without the flash. Well, that’s me! I’m so not a flashy person. :P

I can’t help it but kept my finger snapping away at ISO6400, knowing that the photos will still turn out great with little noise. I love how I can shoot great photo with the actual ambiance lighting with the EOS 7D. Remember my photos of Electrico at World Aids Day Party? Love the colors of those photos!

Another love for this EOS 7D is the new 19-point autofocus and metering systems. I get to choose to focus just on one single point or a section of the frame with multiple point of focus. Sadly I didn’t have much chance to shoot my favorite object, food, during the review period with the EOS 7D. Would have gotten lots of yummy shots for sure! The only ones I got was some taken at Chilis with a wrong WB setting! :(

Taking moving objects indoor, though with good lighting, can get kinda tricky at times, especially when the one I’m shooting enjoys dashing around and moving at all kind of uncontrollable directions. With the EOS 7D, I was able to focus quickly on the object and capture the right moment with it. Well, my meow has gotten the most love from the EOS 7D that’s for sure.

Did I say that it takes HD videos too? And it comes with Live View feature!

If you’re looking for a professional camera that gives you good handling, great lowlight shots and friendly to the user, this may be the one you’re looking for. This is considered one of the cheapest ranged DSLR camera in the Canon (single-digital) series, at just $3,249 for the body with the 18-135mm lens, I’ll say go get it!

Don’t just sit and wait…

Go grab one for yourself!

Why aren’t I getting it? Cos I do not have the $3,249 loh! If I do, I sure buy one! Everyone that tried it said they love it!

For more reviews and posts on the EOS 7D, just google it! Come on don’t be lazy! There are lots of detailed and in depth review on it. I’m sure the more you find out about it, the more you’re want to get it!