Last week, my lovely team at 24seven had our first team retreat at Aloha Loyang. The 3 days spent together was a fruitful and rejuvenating experience. We’ve got quite a lot of stuff ironed out and planned. 2010 is looking very exciting!

We’ve also invited fellow bloggers and friends for a BBQ on Wednesday night. It was a simple affair and everyone had fun (right?). I love gatherings like this. Fuss-free and casual.

As the team was occupied with “tasks” on hand that night – Kris and me at the BBQ pits, Eevon the bartender and Diana ensuring everyone gets food to eat, we didn’t have extra pair of hands for photo taking. Thanks to those who came and brought home happy photos from that night!

My best shot from that night thanks Chin for this!

More of his photos can be found on flickr.

Eevon and Kenneth, shot taken by Amanda

Leshane and Kris, shot taken by Amanda

More photos by Amanda can be found on facebook.

Group shot by Chin

Group shot by Geng Hui

Thank you all once again for coming by that night! We’ve got to do it again soon!