30th December came and go in a flash. It was one of the biggest gathering of bloggers 24seven has hosted since its birth in Dec 2008. Yes, technically speaking, that party could also be seen as to mark the first year anniversary for 24seven. Happy Birthday 24seven! LOL!

The door bitches of that night. Molemole, me and Eevon.

Ok, I’m not really at the door, I was all over the place that night! Wished I could have been more organised so that I can get to meet more new bloggers that night! Sorry I didn’t get to say hi! I promise I’ll do that the next time we meet ok!

SAM have got a cool hat on too!

While we were hunting for suitable location for the party, friends from National Heritage Board came along and offered their venues for the party. And that’s how we got ourselves the lovely Glass Hall for the party. The courtyards beside the glass hall was a nice place to chill and have the food that night right? Thank god for the nice weather that night.

This party wouldn’t have been successful without the help of the following people…

Benjamin aka Decade78

Thanks for coordinating with SAM, OAC and BDN! And million thanks for volunteering as our emcee for that night! Stop saying that you’re cheap ok! Someone told me that you’re pretty good that night wor! Thank you ah for your help! Looking forward to more working opportunities with you!

Black Diamond Ninjas in the house!

Thanks to from Mark (blocked by balloon in pic), Fabian, Kiyoko, Adam and Benjamin Black Diamond Ninjas for their great performance that night!

Only After Coffee at Hat-py Party too!

Photo credit to Amanda.

Thanks to Wan Ting, Justin Chan, John, Justin Lu, Nina, Ben and Chao Yuan from the band Only After Coffee. They rocked the glass hall with the gig that night too!

Kelvin aka @darkholme

Thank you Kelvin for coming by our office to help with the transporting of goodie bags and our team to SAM! And for snapping polaroids of almost everyone present that night! I’m sure you’re loving your Xmas present for your Diana Mini! (If you’ve got a shot taken by Kelvin that night, do snap a picture of it and email to party (at) 24seven (dot) sg! It’ll be uploaded and shared in our flickr album.)

My dearest Abang aka Yuzree

Thanks Abang for helping me that night! You’re the unsung hero behind the known unsung heroine (me). Really appreciate your support and help! Love ya lots!

And of course, thanks to my team for the great effort and hard work put into planning, organising, managing and pulling a great party for everyone that night! Can’t help but fall deeper in love with my lovely teammates!

Diana aka Molemole

Eevon (with her fiance)

Photo credit to Geng Hui.

The man behind the camera the entire night, Kris aka Krisandro

Photo credit to Geng Hui.

Am very grateful to be blessed with such amazing friends, supporters and team! 2010 will be an even better year for all of us! Thanks to every one of you who came to the party that night! Here’s to all those who were still around at end of the party…

It was a Hat-py Party with Bloggers and Friends!

Ending off with some tidbits that you may or may not be interested to know…

  1. The theme was initially planned along the line of “Princess and the Frog”, “Heroes and Villains”, “Barbie and Ken” and a lot more other cheesy and too-cute-for-us theme. After long debate, weighing of pros and cons, and keeping in mind to keep it simple, Eevon came up with a “Crazy Hat” party! So there we have it! Hat-py Party!.
  2. The party was planned and executed within 3 weeks. With most of the team gone oversea during the week before the party, it was quite a crazy act to pull through. We’re glad we managed to carry out most of the planned stuff on that day.
  3. We’d wanted 24seven T-shirts, Tote Bags and a whole lot more stuff for that night. But there’s just aren’t enough time to get everything pulled through within the 3 weeks. Will keep those in our KIV list for future events.
  4. The badges that were given out that night, the one with 24seven logo, those are made and flew all the way from Bangkok!
  5. Big thank you to all our sponsors for coming onboard despite the short notice! National Heritage Board, SAM, Samsung Mobile, Sentosa, SingTel, The Lens Men, Megazip, Wavehouse, Cineblast and Sentosa 4D Magix.
  6. Here’s the slideshow of all the photos taken by Kris at the party from our flickr album…